Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Win, A Swap and a Purchase and a Freebie

I have been keeping up with a few swaps and trades lately and always mean to share and publicly thank the senders but then time seems to slip on by with our busy life. I'd like to post a few of the things that came in the mail this month.

These were from Sue from Divajools.
She was offering them up in her Madeit shop to raise money for the flood relief in Queensland Australia.
They've become my favorite earrings lately.
I had picked them out and in the time it took to communicate that they were the ones I wanted these "Gelato Orbs" had sold. She quickly made up another pair for me.
This was just a week after I had been yearning for a hard to get disk cutter for myself.
She generously sent me some precut disks of different sizes that she had produced.
I'm still on a waiting list for mine.

Then came the package from Lorna at Artymess.
We just seem to swap back and forth for any reason at all these days and most times one of forgets to put the item we had been saving out for the package.
No matter, it will go into the next package!
She really knows what I like.

Then I noticed that the fellow from the image site Artefacts was giving away prints on his other site
I don't know as I have permission to put up the image here so you'll have to see for yourself the bright yellow chrysanthemum print that he sent to me in record time.

Then today my One World One Heart package arrived from Cindy.
Its a darling little decorated box which was full of die cuts
thanks Cindy!
She's from Australia as well.


  1. ooooooooh, I love the Gelato Orbs too.
    Quite fabulous ! Lucky Lucky you.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. thats a lot of fun all rolled up into one nice little post.

  3. You are a lucky duck .... and I love those earrings!

  4. Wonderful earing, coloraliscious goodbess from Lorna and what a sweet package of die cuts. You will be creating all kinds of wildness if I know you. Enjoy the fiesta! xox Corrine

  5. Your mailbox is way more fun than most!!
    For the disk cutter - have you looked at harbor freight tools? Cheaper than most places!

  6. Great gifts! Love those earrings!

  7. Lovely! And thank you for the referrals!!!!
    Rose & Studio Friends


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