Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Let Bicones Be Bicones

I'm going to dip my toes back into blogging. I just can't figure out how I let it go so long. It seems that I used to practically think in blog moments as I went through my day.
What happened?
Most of all I got busy with my business, things kind of took off in the component business for me.
My semi-retirement pastime has become a full time job.
So mostly I have been making beads, torch fired enamels and jewelry. That's it with some well placed fun times and trips in between.
My newest thing is my beadroller for bicones. I'm really enjoying the shape so here you go!
The first set of beads must have been unwittingly inspired by the shell I picked up on Ocracoke island last month when I went for my nephew's wedding. That's the shell as a prop.

I have been experimenting with half crubbly effects with with some lusciously striated new ivory glass that has been great fun to work with

I made these yesterday. Things have not been resting long in my hands before they go flying off into the world.

I made myself a promise to make some focal beads now and then.
( more half crubbly)

I have been getting quite a few custom orders and had a request for round crubblies in the cogs colors

I have numerous stashes of artisan beads that were begging for my attention.
These focal polymer faces were HappyFish pieces by Jana

This one already sold!

matchsticks, oh matchsticks....been coming up with some super premium combos and they have been flying away too.

I've been using some of my polymer headpins for my own work

Delving into my Petra stashes

The salmon skin leather has been mighty popular here in Alaska.
Vintage turquoise chip beads from my mother's 1970's necklace

mixing my enamel shields with some of my polymer pieces

A challenge with Petra's grapes balanced by RaggedRobyn discs

I had to keep these for myself!

Messing around with my new cabochon press

Petra and pyrite


  1. Love EVERYTHING! The bicone roller looks like it was a good investment - that shape really suits your style. Focals… oh yes. Congrats on your return to the blog :)

  2. Lots of great stuff! I love your bicone beads! I'm glad you are blogging again!

  3. Half Crubbles!!!!! more... more... more :) (wonders if she can sell other half to fund increasing lustafter list)

  4. Beautiful beads ! I adore the first ones.
    Nice to see your blog popup today.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Absolutely beautiful work, all of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) xoxoxoxo

  6. Wow, love these new beads, they look so organic...wahoo girl, you are steamrolling along. Good to chat. xox

  7. Hey, Kim - how sweet to 'hear' you voice and see the newest creations! Glad you been busy but even gladder you are back in Blogland.

  8. Wonderful colours and textures, loving the crusty cogs and great to see you're squeezing in the time to keep creating your own jewellery too.

  9. Those Bicones are beautiful! It all is...

  10. Man, I love those blue and brown bicones. AND the greenish crubblies. Gotta go see if there are any in the shop!

  11. Beautiful stuff here, Kim! I'm so glad your business is going so well!

  12. How nice to see you blogging again! You've been missed! Those shell inspired bicones are gorgeous! And the matchsticks with all that rich color bubbling out. And the green and blue beads that look like the ocean at twilight. And and eyes are full. Wonderful post, Kim! Your work is always fabulous. Great to see what you've been up to.

  13. Oh My Gosh, your beads and jewelry are simply stunning. I took a big break from blogging too while I worked on home renovation. It's good to come back and see what people have been doing.

  14. omg those first beads! crubbly? lol. and i dont even like bicones! if only i wasnt drowning in supplies i'd snap some up. man you're good!!!!!!! and yeah those bubbly matchsticks! crap thats a lot of eye calories right there.

  15. Wow Kim! It all looks so amazing. I love the layers of colours in the ones inspired by the shell. I understand completely about the blogging thing. I miss it... so hope to have more time to create, and more time to blog soon. Enjoy your summer!

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