Saturday, September 15, 2012


If any of you have been glancing by my Etsy shop you may have noticed that I've been trying to stock it with crusty headpins... so much so that I this is as close as I've come to "real job" with my business.

I even ran out of my wire and had vowed not to make the big long trip to the city to get more.
It's 200 miles round trip and I made a challenge to stay home  for a few weeks.
Luckily my husband had some copper covered steel wire squirreled away so I was able to a keepa goin'
I'm doing my best to keep up but there's only so much torching I can do day after day when my body tells me take a break... so it's the matchsticks' turn this week over at NuminosityBeads

Trying to keep a good assortment coming

I thought I'd entertain you with my first attempts at sculptural beads I did way back when I first started.
I never did get the ears down but they did have a Simpsonesque quality about them


I decided animools weren't my thing
neither were snouts apparently but he's got attitood... we'll give him that

Here's a WIP that became a finished piece

Oh yes and I've been trying to beef up my vintage and supply shop in the meantime
over here

OK, I lied about taking a break from headpin making.
I made some *oober long ones
* yes I really did see someone seriously spell uber like that in the Esty forums recently
( of course I'm not savvy enough to figure out how to put the dots above the u)

and did someone say shiny?
No, no one did but these have Double Helix Glass spots all ethereal 'n' stuff.
They don't show up too well when I crustify them

this is my half crystal shape style that you may not have seen much of.

Barbecue lava longies part crusty with spots of shine.
I'm telling you about this here because you deserve to know first so you can have the first ones on your block...or in Germany, Australia, France or Canada
or the midwest US

Please convo me via Etsy if you have request for other colors or shapes.
Thanks, Kim


  1. Hi Kim, Love the half crystal shape and bbq lava! They look great. See you in a few weeks. Cindy

  2. The headpins are gorgeous! And so many! You are one busy gal!

  3. Oh dear, my head is spinning and I'm drooling over the thought of those gorgeous crusty headpins and matchsticks. Surely you know that I'm on a bead diet.....oh how you are tempting me.

    I love the necklace you made. Did somebody already snatch up that vintage pendant? It's just as well, I don't need to spend money that I don't have.

    Thanks for sharing photos of your first sculptures. They're really cute! OK, just one more look at those headpins and I'm outa here!

  4. I am lovin those über loonnnng headpins!

    ps: you can find all kinds of neat stuff to insert if you go to the 'edit' menu at the very top of your desktop when a browser is open....and go down to 'special characters.' ;)

  5. o those headpins - all! but those red ones they got me salivaring - great work

  6. Ooooo ... the bouquet of headpins has me swooning! How great would it be to have the whole bunch. No wonder the headpins are keeping you hopping.

  7. your work is head(pin) and shoulders over anyone else's ....lovin' what you are doin' ......keep it up ....xx

  8. love those headpins! supper long. elegant and sleek. <3

  9. Oh those crusty half chrystal shape is so fun. Take a break I know you have been torching like crazy....xox

  10. Crusty lusciousness! Love them all!

  11. oober uber uuuuber great headpins, long, short or round! But those black long ones are calling my name...why is it they are already reserved?! drat crummy internet service! Love the crusty bunch in the first picture too.
    garaj mahal is turning out more and more interesting things all the time. No end to your talent and imagination.


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