Monday, October 11, 2010

Could I Call It A Business Trip?

Whenever I go back east I indulge in some serious junking and antiquing as it is oh-so-very satisfying and such good deals abound. I have my folks keeping a good eye out for the types of things I use in my art and resale. Because it was the end of the season I think there were even better deals and what could be nicer than going on an autumn drive with the folks to do a bit of junkin'. We had to pick up another suitcase to bring it all home!

One place we went to in had more than half off on most everything in the shop

I considered these old maps to be quite a score

1901 map of Rome in Italian
( I have an idea of who may covet this one!)

When you work with vintage paper, what's better than a vintage paper cutter?
Thanks to my Mom who gave this as an early birthday present. Thanks Mom!

A packet full of good stuff

A holiday packet too

I'm into light metal

The most expensive item-~ A spice tin box $20

The most amazing gift from my Dad. He found tintypes and cabinet photos for 25 cents a piece at a church sale. Thanks Dad!

More of the fatherlode!

Bits of lace

A somewhat distressed scrapbook

A roadside flea market yielded these instruments of torture

Last but not least a vintage brass speculum!
Very duck-like I think
(we'd best not think of the stories it could tell...)

and yes I'm weird for buying it... but for a buck wouldn't you?


  1. How very cool and slightly bizarre! some great treasures you've found.. what a deal on those tin types! Love the spice box! Have fun creating or collecting!

  2. For a buck I would too and it is very duck-like, but having seen the Fatherlode, wow those tintypes were something else and how sweet you left one with me. xox Corrine

  3. Oh, Kim you got a real treasure here. I would die for these tintypes and to get them for that price! You did well with the trip.

  4. ....I don't know what a buck is but I would too .......its a great find in a treasure trove of junk .......It looks like some shoe stretchers that I have I collected loads of these metal and wood'd love em .......can I keep Candace until the opening of my show next Tuesday ? ......xx

  5. Hey Lorna,
    of course you can hang on to her. One buck equals 0.633 British pounds sterling. Such a deal yeah?
    xoxo Kim

  6. Hey Kim, great finds! I love the old paper cutter, I've been looking for one of those! I find the vintage surgical instruments interesting too, since I work in the field after all!

  7. Wow, you really lucked out- what fantastic stuff you found! I don't know about the speculum, but I probably would have bought it just for the curiosity factor; after all, you're undoubtedly the only person on your block who has one!

  8. Although I wince when i look at it, I too would have purchased the brass speculum! What a hoard of treasure you have found - now the fun begins! I love sorting and stockpiling when you get home from a successful hunting trip!

  9. ooooh, such divine goodies! that spice tin box is to die for!! and i love the photos, lace and everything else! that speculum is also fantastic -- would it creep you out for me to admit that i've been looking for one for years and years? (probably, but i'm telling you anyway) :)


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