Sunday, May 2, 2010

Warning- My first ever whiny butt blog post!

This is the most gray picture I could find in my archives. 

I didn't expect to feel like this when I returned to our Alaskan home. I'm sure the mood will be fleeting but after blossoming flowers, fabulously hot days and the high barometric pressure of the high desert, I'm afraid I'm experiencing a temporary letdown with my return home.

It was great of course to reconnect with old friends and family  but the weather is just gray and wet and nary a bud showing on the trees yet here. I was plopped down in Fairbanks, my home of over 30 years while my husband ran 100 miles home to open up the house which we let freeze solid for the months we were gone. Unfortunately with a low snow year our water pipe to the well lost some of the insulating properties of  the ground cover of the snow and we are stuck with a frozen line. Life is going to be a bit rustic for a few days until we get that thawed out.

Also since we live in the boonies now, I've had to return to paleo dial-up which is quite frustrating after half a year of lightning speed wireless. In those last six months I had ramped up my blog following to a mighty degree. My blog was in its infancy when we left last winter and I hadn't yet started following and commenting as I feel the need to do so now.

It takes up to five minutes for some blogs to load and it seems that the ability to comment is not loading for me at all. Maybe the computer got too frozen this winter! Maybe I'll ramp off of my addiction to checking the internet every hour too and get loads more creative work done.

My apologies if I'm going to seem like the silent type on your blogs. I'm going to have to drive or ride my bike 7 miles to town to utilize the library's wifi  in order to enjoy the pleasure of interacting with blogs now. ( I may even start using my husband's 4 wheeler for the trip, won't that be fun!)

My cell phone just barely works with an antenna if I sit really close to a window, and our landline, while fine for out of state is inexplicably more expensive for in state calls. You might say that we're somewhere in the 90's as far as technology goes now.

I know that the weather will clear and we'll be enjoying the midnight sun soon but I so wanted to share my current funk with you all because that's the kind of friends you all are.
Please bear with me, It's a transitional funk I'm sure. I promise I'll be back to my old self with plenty of light to share soon.

And thank you for your comments on the loss of my old friend, I really appreciate it.


  1. Kim, we all need a whiny butt day does sound like a bit of a culture shock! Maybe you are right, it will lead to lots more creative work! Hope you get that water line open soon...I'll be thinking of you!

  2. Oje, the trade offs from one place to the other...someday i would like to be able to split my time between bahia de kina and bisbee and i am sure when i am in one place there will be something or someone i am missing in the other...if it helps any, the wind has been blowing about 40mph and it has been about 53 degrees and gray- beige if you count the blowing dust! miss you both!

  3. Aw Kim poor you ....just think how fit and healthy you are going to be speeding on your bike to the library to feed your blogging addiction !!! are probably just in need of some good rest must be difficult the transition between one home and the other I guess just as you're used to one then it's all change again.....SO...hang on in there girl your blogging mates are sending good positive vibes to you...much love Lorna xx

  4. i really empathize, Kim, April in the North is so very cold, no warmth or flowers. Of course, we do have wi-fi. Kenai must be more advanced than delta. Try to get out of doors- or maybe look at it as a break from the computer.
    We will be in fairbanks sometime after the 21st for about 2 weeks.

  5. Aw, sorry you're having a hard time :( But it's true, we're all entitled to a little whining every so often. I would get so frustrated with a slow internet connection... But here's to the extra creative time!

  6. Hang in there Kim! I like your thought about not being on the computer so much that you can "create" ! Can't wait to see some of those grey sky creations! Just read about your sorry. Chin up...I will get your surprise from my giveaway together when I return home! :-) Becca

  7. I am sure you will get back into your rhythm soon. It is so hard to lose an old friend and moving and shifting probably contributes to the funk. We will keep up to date with you one way or the other, all of the virtual world, even if it is slower. Maybe that is
    a good thing, will give you time to heal and re-boot!

  8. I kind of envy your funk. You have a great excuse to not consume so much time with compulsively responding to comments that really don't need to be acknowledged. Sometimes it takes me HOURS to keep up with the correspondence I have imposed on myself. And, BTW, a little whining is a great way to expel the crud that is blocking your creative juices.

  9. Oh my goodness...Arizona to Alaska! And then to find things frozen. That would be bad enough without the loss of wifi and poor cell phone service. You have a right to be whiny, I think. I thought we were bad off with only slow broadband here in our cabin in the woods in TN!

    Thanks for joining in the celebration Giveaway of my 100th Almost Every Day Collage. And think of how healthy you'll be biking to the library for the wifi for your blog "fix"!

  10. Well Kim, this is all a bit sucky...slow connection, no blogging, what a disaster! Well, fear not my friend, we will not suddenly forget you just because you can't get to us all the time. I've put you in my blogs I love side panel, just to make doubly sure.

  11. sounds delightful.

    had that same phone issue a bit when i moved--standing by the window in one room helped, shaking it seemed to help, three words or a sentence might come over the line a bit then it died; a very strange feeling...

    it could be a huge gift!

  12. Aw, Kim. Usually I'm jokey and laugh-y, but I feel your pain and I don't think you come across as whiny. I am a person who has been uprooted a lot in life. And sometimes where I landed was the polar opposite of where I left. Some of us find that transition more difficult to handle than others. I think you were simply expressing how things really feel to you right now and I applaud you for that. Consider yourself served coffee in a room with good music and a tart on my best china. I'd put my arm around your shoulders, too.

  13. just popped on your blog and have enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading your posts - so sorry to hear of your loss - wow - Arizona to Alaska-what a difference that must be.

  14. Dear Kim, Internet woes are the worst when you have friends online that you enjoy connecting with and the loss of a dear friend recently is still tender, I'm sure. My thoughts are with you this morning and I hope the sun shines warmly on your shoulders today. Hugs - Julie

  15. Thank you all for your comments.
    I'm also cheered up by the fact that I won two giveaways this week. How about that!
    Will post links when I get the booty.

  16. I enjoyed reading about Candace and all her travels. LOL, She really gets around! From Arizona to Alaska! Thats what I call a climate change, hope you thaw soon!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway ,you know they come in threes! LOL
    Best of luck

  17. you are allowed to have a moan my friend....don't think l have ever heard you moan really beforexx l was going to say l hope you find something to cheer u up soon..then l read the note from you about you winning your giveaways. see your guardian angel was watching out for you my friendxxlynda


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