Friday, May 7, 2010

Launching into the summer season

A bit of snow in the Northland.

A different mood  with a picture of wild blueberry picking last summer.

Well things are much better since my last post. I've been shuffling, mucking around and trying to organize my studio space, revisiting old stashes of supplies, making room for new ones.

Good news is that I made two etsy sales. Haven't made any or tried to make any since before Christmas. It seems that the vintage letters I acquired have been wildly popular. I still have a few more that I need to post.

I also won two giveaways this week! More on those later when I get the goods. 

The sun came out and I had some deck time on the second storey of the Garaj Mahal sorting and re-bagging seed beads and dipping my mandrels in bead release for my lampworking.

Packing up for the first Farmers market of the year. Now that I live 100 miles away from the market I'm having to get up at 5:00AM for the trip but it usually proves to be worthwhile.

We had a snowy Cinco de Mayo which turned out to be the most snow this area had gotten in the last two months.

Good news too, We have thawed water lines now after a week without running water!


  1. Hi Kim, I'm pleased to hear that things are settling for you - you've had amazing changes going on! Glad to see you up and blogging again. Enjoy the Farmers Market. Penny x

  2. What a transformation. It seems we are like the seasons, hot then cold. Still it's all good fun, and all in the name of progress of sorts. You can't have one without the other.

  3. wow!! what an interesting life you lead! we had snow yesterday am, just a dusting thankfully, am sooo ready for warmth! glad you got some water flowing! can't wait to see Alaska through your eyes!

  4. Glad your water lines are flowing again. 100 miles to the farmer's market sure is a haul, glad it is worth it!
    As you well know, in NE you can be two states away.
    Looking forward to seeing some new work from the Alaska studio.

  5. Love that picture of you lolling about in the blueberry patch!

  6. Ha, Kim! That top photo sure looks like lauching into the summer season as I know it. Quite different from summer in the Mojave and very beautiful. You sound like a woman renewed and that makes me feel very happy for you.

  7. Thats a very dashing handlebar Moustache you are sporting my dear on your profile pic for facebook ...does your facial hair grow that quickly when you get into the cold????.....(ps pleased that everything is all settling for you now ...good luck with first farmer's market...xx)What news of the girl ( Candace)

  8. I love the Mellow Glow sign, teamed up with that snow, it makes irony a warm companion! Lol.
    Well, glad to hear you are feeling a lot more settled. Life as we all know, can be a bumpy road.

  9. Hope it starts to feel more like spring soon. I love the blueberry picking shot! I've had many happy times sitting on hills in Wales doing the same.


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