Friday, May 28, 2010

Hi Ho Silver, Candace Rides Off Into the Sunset

Candace arrived in New England to visit Corrine from Dosfishes and got to enjoy their horses. I have a few more pics of her relaxing after her harrowing 2 week journey from Toronto to New England but they're on my laptop presently, I'll post them later.

An 1800 pound horse named Henry and a

1,500 hundred pound horse named Tyco were

no match for Candace.

Here she is getting up close and personal for

a pat. and a little smooch...

Henry is a 30 year old percheron/clydesdale mix and Tyco

is a 4 year old percheron paint.  They are best buddies and

groom each other every day while out grazing. Candace loved


She soon swung up to ride bareback on Henry off into the sun...
one little tiny hand holding his mane.

David was there to provide a boost up!  Bandit would have been

a better choice but he was having none of it.  Candace was sad

and throwing a little bit of a tantrum as she looked at the ground.

Wild mini ponies have a mind of their own...

Candace will be traveling with us to Boston

over the weekend  for some more arty adventures...

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  1. I am so pleased Candace is getting her dose of horsey entertainment in New England, for she'll get none of that in Las Vegas. I don't commune with horses. But clearly, Candace DOES, as she's grabbing Henry by the mane to mount and ride him bareback.

    I was a little disturbed to hear our girl threw a bit of a tantrum, but I suppose all the travel has been a bit wearing, and she WAS sad . . .

  2. Gosh I love horses!!
    Candace does look a little scared:)
    Love her adventures!

  3. Scmooching horses, what will Candace think?!

  4. Pardon me, I guess it's the neighbor's horses!


  5. The mini ponies are so dear!

  6. I just love that Candace has been horsing around.


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