Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Winnah!

A quick post from the land of the midnight sun to announce the winner of Post 101 Giveaway is Lorna of Artymess! I just know she'll take good care of Augustus.   Thank you all for stopping by and entering.

We're hoping to hear from Candace soon. She should be arriving in New England any moment to be hosted by Dosfishes.


  1. I can't wait Kim thank you soooo much for this giveaway it's the first I've ever won......I'm so excited .....I jumped up and down when I heard .....and that's no mean feat with my creaky joints !!!
    lots of love
    Lorna xxx

  2. Green-eyed congratulations to Lorna.

  3. Congrats to Lorna. I know she has fallen in love with Augustus and I am so glad he is going to live with her.
    He will have wonderful adventures walking the lanes of her lovely town and with her family.
    Anxiously awaiting Candace.....xox Corrine

  4. congrats to Lorna!! cannot wait to hear about Candace and her trip to see Corrine!

  5. Jealous! I wanted Augustus. But if he can't be mine, I'm glad Lorna shall have him. Thanks for the fun, Kim! I haven't participated in a giveaway before. It was fun. I'll do it again.


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