Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Most Proud Mother! Alice in the Underground

"Alice in the Underground"
by Cassidy Phillips

Some of his art for the backdrop.

About the program. 
Fairbanks Counseling and Adoption
Street Outreach Advocacy Program

I had been hearing about a play that my son was writing in conjunction with his Americorp position with the local street team outreach program for homeless youth. This is his first play ever that he's written.

Last night I was able to attend the performance and WAS TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY! (yes, I'm yelling!!!!, well more like trumpeting actually) by the writing and performance. I couldn't have been more proud to say I was his mother. Talk about art that makes a difference! I was so impressed with the entire team from the teens that performed, volunteer actors, light, sound and costume contributors that made it such a faceted dramatic, funny and heart-wrenching production. A true team effort that will bring awareness to the issue of homeless teens.

I recommend  reading this more detailed review in the Daily News Miner,  our local newspaper in Fairbanks, Alaska.


  1. Wow Kim, how exciting! I do love the theatre (been in a few local productions myself) and I can relate to the excitement. Your parcel is on its way! Hope you'll let me know if it arrives ok.

  2. Kim that is BRILLIANT you must be floating 10 feet in the air ...Well done Cassidy...he sounds a special son but then he has a special Mum ....x

  3. How exciting when your child does something wondrous and meaningful. Truly a Happy Mother's Day for you.

  4. Yes, I was basking in the accolades I was hearing.
    He also made a point to tell me after the show how much he appreciated me always creating an art space in our home throughout his life.
    This is the boy that quit halfway though high school and made his way on his own since then. The program will be paying for some college now since he finished his volunteer year. So rewarding to see him blossoming!

  5. At first I thought that was a vintage 1960s poster at top.

    Sounds like a play I'd enjoy. Didn't know Americorps had anything to do with the theater. Don't let the deficit hawks find out about it.

  6. I am so impressed with people who do this kind of thing. I'm so happy for you that you can share in your son's exceptional expression.

  7. Yay, Cassidy, and his justifiably proud mom! Good for both of you. I'm touched by your post, Kim.


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