Monday, May 31, 2010


Candace found her way back to Boston. She's a real New England girl at heart. You can see what's she's up to with Corrine here.  She'll be going to a fiber arts festival at SQUAM  later on which we're excited about.

And here are some random photos just because I felt like blogging today and wanted to share some tidbits of randomnosity

Necklace that was inspired by my visit to Kino Bay, Mexico.
I was trying to capture the pink shells that I found on the beach.
Pink is a color not usually found in my lampwork palette.
I chose the apatite chips that evoked the color of Kino Bay.

Some dollies that watch me as I work on the computer. Original 60's trolls with blue jeans garments that I fashioned for them when I was 11. The doll in turquoise blue is my "Kimmy" doll that I received as a gift the week I was born.

My booth at the "Bad Girls of the North" show last fall.

Trying to keep warm at a bluegrass festival in the mountains.
This is the Cantwell Music festival on the longest day of the year which wasn't so very warm.
( The dude to the left of me is Mr. Coryosity, aka Coryman, Daveman the Caveman)


  1. Looks like fun times Kim, and I love the necklace with the shells! Beautiful!

  2. OMG I loved troll dolls, they were the best. Candace has some new clothes, lookie see!!!! Great pic at your show! Like the hat....xox Corrine

  3. I surely thank you for the little walk through your world today, Kim. I like the necklace! And you look like a woman havin' FUN at the bluegrass festival. When Candace's world tour is over, you're going to have trouble keeping her down on the farm, so to speak.

  4. hey Kim enjoyed randomnosity today and here's something random I dreamed that you moved to Paris ....have you ????....xx

  5. I made clothes for my troll dolls, too! So cool you still have yours!


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