Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Smoky Moods


many great associations, smoky lapsang souchang tea, a campfire, barbeque, good scotch, a mellow sax, a certain kind of singing voice but the Alaskan forest fires have once again filled our skies with haze with 80 forest fires burning currently, most of them in the interior. This is so common for our summers here, occurring after several days of hot weather and some lightning strikes, most don't come within miles of any human habitation.

Because I did a color post recently I am moved to do a more monochromatic post today to match the sepia toned atmosphere pervading our neighborhood.

                Normally you can see the majestic mountains from up here on the deck of the 
Garaj Mahal. (do you see my sweet little teardrop trailer?)

                        I used vintage photos printed on muslin to embellish these little bags.

These side by side faces fascinated me. 


  1. Wonderful view. I bet you take lovely long walks through the forest.Loved seeing all your bags.

  2. I love the monochrome of grey days. I'm wondering how quiet it must be there with the sounds of birds or the breeze.

  3. Love how you took inspiration from nature for your bags! Your trailer is really awesome, too!

  4. These are great! Love that father and daughter? on the steps. We have haze too from Quebec fires. We don't often get that and it seems wierd. Love the little teardrop. Does that travel back and forth with you???
    Off to Squam later, won't post Candace until we are back on Sunday...xox Corrine

  5. That's just the size trailer I would love to have. Is it an Air Stream or a Tab?

    Those bags are charming.

  6. great images on those adorable bags Kim......and now I know what you can givaway on your 200th post ....the teardrop trailer ...its amazing ....I want one !!.....Lorna x

  7. I've lived most of my life in southern California and have witnessed many fires in heavily populated areas. No, they're not forest fires, but by the end of summer, the land is so parched and the Santa Ana winds howl through, spreading flames. Uncontrolled fire and evacuation are terrifying. The smoke is choking and burns the eyes. It is very sad devastation.

    Your little bags are just lovely!

  8. great trailer and love your little bags. the bluegrass festival looks good..I would love to go to one of them

  9. Fabulous view Kim. Looks like a wild place to be. Your bags are beautiful. Thanks for your recent kind comments. Pen x

  10. The bags look very original – combining old pictures with beads and buttons is great!

    Nice blog.


  11. These are beautiful bags. There are so many lovely posts on your blog.


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