Sunday, January 2, 2011

One~One Oh One~One First Projects of the Year

I wanted to play with my new silk sari ribbon but ascertained that this piece
was better off without it for the sleekness factor.

This was the look I was after.
It was a puzzle how to finish up the double ends of the beading wire in addition to the
silk ribbon.

Not my usual color scheme but it must be for someone.

There! Now I've used up all my Beadalon until the gem show.

 I meant to mention in my end of the year post how grateful I am that this wonderful guy 
(my Pop) 
made it to his 
85th birthday the day after Christmas.
I almost thought we were going to lose him there for a spell.
Yay Ray!


  1. More than someONE will like your color combinations. This jewelry is very fun and expressive.

    Let me second that Yay Ray!

  2. Yah Ray indeed! He looks pretty good for all he went through. Necklaces are oh my drop dead gorgeous. All of them, so different and so great. YOu are churning with juice Kimbucha. xox corrine

  3. You probably need some decent caps to get the wire and the ribbon into one neat finish. To be honest, I prefer your necklace! Gorgeous result. Anyway, Happy New Year my friend. Hope all your wishes come true for 2011 :-)

  4. great starting project Kim .......bursting into 2011 ........Happy Birthday Ray .......xx


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