Friday, January 28, 2011

Swap Pieces

When I received some unexpected goodies with my swap with Linda at Itsy Bits and Pieces
I decided to put stuff to use right away rather than rat-holing an ever burgeoning stash of treasures.
 The best way for me to approach  this endeavor was to go into a bit of a production mode.
Yesterday I set about collage-ing the various  vintage bingo cards cards that she gave me along with some little scrapbooking images that another friend had surprised me with. Along with some images that I had been collecting I put together some simple collages.

She gave me several large buttons to play with.
I came up with some simple shabby style silk sari ribbon necklaces
with vintage keys and a bauble or two.

I may even revamp my Etsy shop and hope to get a shopping cart up here and on my website as well as facebook.

I'll be ready for the summer season coming up at least!

I'm not so sure about this one as far as durability goes since it has a plastic hasp 
( vintage plastic) and the headpin is a little wobbly.
I wanted to post it though since I like the picture.

So yes you could say I've been busy!

Meanwhile any of these are for sale. 
please inquire.


  1. Those look wonderful, Kim!! Really fun pieces! You have been really creative!

  2. You are in crazy production mode. Great stuff! The bingo collages are so fun and I know where you got all that silk sari ribbon. xox Corrine

  3. Your imagination, creativity, ingenuity and energy. Kim, sometimes I think you are a force of nature. You are on etsy? I only JUST was given that site and I may, in fact, do all my gift shopping there. Anyway, some great stuff here. I hope to be in crazy production mode soon--you inspire that. Have a great weekend. Love to your sisters if you happen to speak to them soon.

  4. That's my new rule--all stuff I bring home has to get made into something in the next...six?...months. Maybe that's a bit lenient, I think you've got the right idea by jumping right in!

  5. great the new look to your blog


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