Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It Could Be Worse

No this isn't a mixed media assemblage but the contents of
stomach of someone with pica disorder
(image taken from wikipedia)

So yes, at least I'm not eating all this stuff!
Now that I've grossed you out I'll bring you to a few spots in my studio.
This is just the guestroom/upper studio where I keep my computer and various stashes.
I've been in the sorting and organizing mode along with a few other bloggers that I've noticed recently

My new mini workbench that I got for Christmas is already covered.
The green glass stoppers are from antique Lea & Perrins bottles

This was a lectern that we got for free from David's brother,
It now is a linen cupboard. It's a little harder to keep things on it because of the slanted surface.
Anyone interested in pink baby clothes hangers?

I've collected so many books for images that almost all of my bookshelves are filled now.
Some are too good to cut up now so I guess they're just a collection now.
The little shelf I got at an estate sale of the local artist Rose Johnson. 
She tragically died on a trip to Bali after drinking Arak that was poorly made.
I never had the chance to meet her but one of her murals graces the garage of one of my friends.
I also have a collection of her used brushes in my studio in honor her and her artwork.
You can see what someone wrote about her and her art here as well as a gorgeous shot of the town of Bisbee

 You know that I'm really on a roll with organizing when I attack the drawers, after all it's so easy to hide messes in drawers isn't it?

So I mention to lovely Linda at Itsy Bits and Pieces that I covet a certain puzzle piece of the state of Maine and could she part with it for a small trade of say perhaps some lampwork or some-such 
and This is what I received in the mail!
All of the kinds of stuff I adore from Bingo cards to buttons and ruler bits.
She was really paying attention as she included Alaska and Arizona in the puzzle pieces.
I knew when I saw the 1872 Arizona-New Mexico map that Mister History that I'm married to would covet it greatly. The first words out of his mouth were "Will you give that to me?"
The map is so old that Bisbee doesn't exist yet. Copper wasn't discovered here until 1877.
Even a silver soup spoon with the initial "K"
Thanks, Linda! I better let someone else win the giveaway that she has posted currently.


  1. Pica disorder. Hmmm. We're all disordered in some way. At least someone made art out of these stomach contents.

    Glad to see you're ordering the contents of your artspace.

  2. It feels good to have a dig through old stuff :) The best part (aside from being able to find things for about a week) is re-discovering treasures.

    Thanks for sharing the pics. Now I know what to do with my school lunch trays!

  3. Good luck with with your organizing, and great stuff from Linda! She really finds some cool stuff doesn't she? Have a great week.

  4. i always find new things that i forgot that i had when reorganizing. :)

    that map is quite the beauty too

  5. Pica disorder, only you would find that and share with us. I forgot about that weird condition....you studio doesn't look too too messy. You certainly have been producing lately so it must work for you. What a wonderful mess of cool papers you got. Lucky you. xox Corrine

  6. This is so sweet, Kim! The swap was so much fun!!

  7. What a great trade you and Linda made with one another. Great items on both ends!

    Kat :)


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