Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rust and Relaxation

When I'm walking to the gym I pick up bits of rusty things.
I found this rusted top that I thought would make a good base for this pendant.
I'm wild about the sari silk ribbon I just discovered recently.
this is photographed against some of the rusty objects we've collected.

Most of these bits were from the ground or the thrift store.

I aged the wood by leaving it outside for 6 months and applying a
  copper and patina treatment

As you can see I changed my focus this week back to assemblage and collage.
It called me back!

I found that wiry bit on the ground the other day and had to put it to use!
It was time to start using some of the items from my frozen charlottes collection too.
( sorry about the fuzziness here)

I took a different way on my walk to the gym and 
discovered some great surfaces

I love doorways

I was surprised to find this!


  1. Well, Kim, you got me with those rusty things. Like you I also collect anything that's on the street and use for my art. I love the composition of the wooden piece and the pendant is to wish for.

    BTW, Thanks for the comment on my blog.

  2. Hi Kim! Liking rust more these days, but I already love doorways and Pepsi sign textured surfaces. Enjoying your compositions a lot. Thanks for all the great FB comments :-) p.s.That car is too funny!

  3. I have a collection of rusty things on an aged piece of wood at my cabin. If you scroll down AFTER CLICKING HERE, you can see it.

    Old cars, old things, photos that show them - love them all.

  4. Great creations! I really love how you use items you find out walking...I have to try that! (when ALL THIS SNOW goes away...LOL)

  5. Kim i have just got your wonderful parcel ..thank you .........perfect colours on the scarf ..You rule ...great post too ....xx

  6. Wow, what great work. I love your assemblage pieces. Did you pry that pepsi door off and take it home. That is just great. Wouldn't that care look
    great covered in all the bits you find on our walks....what an assemblage that would be. Keep it up girl. xox Corrine

  7. Rust Rocks! Your art photos are inspiring. :-) Have a great day.

  8. Great would like the book my friend got me its all to do with rusty things...not sure why she got me it....but i have collected some rusty stuff just incase!

  9. This post is DELICIOUS! textures, yum, odd bits, yum! Rust and weathered worn - YUM! You are an awesome putter togetherer! Thank you for this eye candy!

  10. you live in the rust mecca of the world methinks... love the southwest for rusty bits and your pendant is marvelous!!! loves it all!

  11. love that pendant..great rust..those photos are ace..would it be alright for me to use them in some of my digi art as backgrounds perhaps?

  12. Adore the pendant and your circle with shadow play window and headless girl evokes so much thinking. That pink car priceless. Great pictures.


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