Thursday, August 26, 2010

Three New Things

Coconut Marshmallow

Artist Trading Cards on canvas

Today I did three things that were different for me.  I found some of those coconut marshmallows that we used to find back east. I've never noticed them for sale here in Alaska but the local IGA in Delta was carrying them. I binged on half a dozen or so... quite unusual for me but the package does say "For Munching"

I called my folks on the phone which isn't unusual at all, I do several times a week, they're so far away. But after I hung up I remembered a tidbit of conversation I wanted to share with my mother so I wrote her a letter... very unusual or me. I'm thinking of applying myself to the task more in hopes of making a sort of journal with some interview questions for her and we can send pieces back and forth.

The third new thing was painting on canvas. I had prepared some old pieces of heavy canvas for later use. I dropped alcohol ink droplets on acrylic and faux glaze paint, scratching designs and applying texture to the ATC sized  mini canvases. I really haven't done much with paint or canvas in my artistic adventures.

What new things have you done this week?


  1. I drew skulls the other day! And while waiting in the Dr. waiting room yesterday, did a gesture sketch on my ipad of a guy also waiting. Those are both new things for me...and I found them very enjoyable!
    Will be interested to see what you do with the little canvases.

  2. I love your new things Kim and its so lovely to visit here again ... I've missed coming to your place. I haven't done anything new or exciting, but I did re-start my artistic endeavours and I did so in a different way for me ... gently, slowly and waited to see what would evolve given time. There's something liberating about doing a little and not applying pressure to myself! Those marshmallows look divine and I love the whole notion of exchanging real, handwritten letters with someone. Great to see you Kim! Be well, be happy xxx

  3. Laura~ drawing skulls must be rather hard to do and the sketching too. I always found drawing to be most difficult. I think that's why I've chosen the medium of glass or printmaking or collage that helps me get around the fine motor skills I feel I need for fine drawing. It's funny though that when I was younger I could only think of an artist being someone who could do fine drawing or painting. I've had to get over that preconception now!

    Penny~ It's nice to see that you've returned and are not pressuring yourself to create. Sometimes it's nice to step back and see what emerges.

    Thanks for your comments, they mean so much to me. xoxox Kim

  4. Hi Kim! So nice to meet you and thanks for your visit to my blog! I am a "rustafarian" too, and I love that word! How wonderful to live in Alaska...must be absolutely beautiful! I'll be following....
    Best, Cynthia

  5. Your ATC's came out pretty cool, but you can keep your coconut marshmallows please, and if I find any I will give them to you! xox Corrine

  6. Cool paintings. I like the idea of doing new things. Such a good idea to get your mother's remembrances before she can't comprehend much.

    New thing done this week: Hired someone to sit with my mom so I could get a break.


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