Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nature & Junk and Fall is Here ~ A Walk Around the Neighborhood


A ready made composition

Where does the shoe end and moss begin?


Cranberry season

The fungus abides

the contrasts of autumn

Love the crackle

tidepool of the woods

The seasons turn so quickly here in the northland, a glimpse of fall and then winter comes.
The woods redolent with rot and mold and fungus. Crimson blooming in cranberries, fireweed leaves and undergrowth. Yellow leaves gleaming against gray skies. The clouds have changed too.


  1. well i just want to say that that was just beautiful!

  2. Even though it's hotter than hades, it feels like Fall here too. A lot of animals moving and getting their business done. Love that pipe and it's juicy metals bits.....xox Corrine

  3. Hi Kim, I keep waiting for that change, but it just hasn't hit yet! I will know it when I "feel" it. Probably a few weeks away still. I'm so looking forward to Fall!

  4. Beautiful photos, Kim! I particularly enjoyed the photo of the abandoned shoe being claimed by the earth...so interesting!

  5. When i saw the photo in my sidebar I had to come running over. Great photos Kim, particularly Eyelet and the crackle mushroom.

  6. What gorgeous photos Kim! I love that "ready made composition", and the "tide pool" shot is very cool.

  7. This makes me long for Alaskan autumn. I went walking this morn as well, following a creek to an old farmstead thinking all the while"I wonder if Kim could make anything out of these old rusty pieces!" mostly old barrels and roofing, a few not so old bottles.

  8. great spontaneous assemblage & a lovely woodland walk.

  9. oh yes it is in the air here and the garden is slowing down and aging. when do you leave for AZ? It will still be so warm when you head down eh?

  10. Love this - it's wonderful the way in which nature brings the neglected close to her bosom. :-)

  11. Lovely set of shots. The fungi looks wonderful.

  12. Cat~ We'll get a dose of New England fall at the end of this month and early October. We'll experience a bit of winter here before we head to AZ at he end of November.

    Robyn~yes that's quite a culvert of textures!
    Debrina~ Nicely put.
    Thanks for all of your wonderful comments!


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