Monday, August 2, 2010

Candace in Utah

This is taken from Kass's blog "The no Longer Silent"

I arrived in Utah and was welcomed by Janet Kirksom, who had me in stitches about her adventures with Kass. She's been around at least as long as I have
and seems to be holding herself together about as well as I am.
We headed for the hills and stopped in the Strawberry River area
where we went on a mountain bike ride.
I saw many beautiful things and did a little fishing.
I think I match the Indian Paintbrush quite nicely.
All of this was well and good, but when I told Kass
how long it had been since I'd had any male company,
it made her sad and she said she would try to change all that.
She introduced me to her friend and while I could see he wanted to show me a good time,
I could tell he would always hold me at arm's length.
On our ride home, we spotted a bunch of people having a great time in a garage (like ya do).
All of the men wanted to date me.
Prospect #1:
Prospect #2
Kass suggested we try another friend of hers.
I was not too impressed with his restaurant choice...
...and I thought he moved things along a little too quickly,
so we saddled up and headed to Salt Lake.
My first blind date was the beachy kind and I'm not that comfortable in a swimsuit.
This guy really flipped for me.
This next guy gave me a nice necklace which he had made himself.
I'm not sure I could keep up with this dude and our kissing prospects are quite limited.
I think I would have to pack heat to help this governor of California
enforce his crazy ideas.
I loved dancing with this prince of a guy.
This one may be a little too old,
still too old...
This Jones guy from Indiana promises a lot of adventures.
Kermit made me laugh.
...not so sure about this one.
I know my complexion is sallow, but, think of the children we might produce.
I just can't make a decision. They all want me. What do you think?


  1. oh have bee trying to comment... maybe this time !
    Thank you for popping by - means a lot xx

  2. What a detailed journal of her trip! I love the wardrobe changes and all the interesting new friends. Candace seems to have quite the adventurous spirit!

  3. Glad to receive news of Candance
    she was experiencing unforgettable days!
    The journey continues wonderful and amazing!
    I follow...
    (of Brasil)


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