Monday, August 2, 2010

Head Gasket

Here's one of my first altered art collages that I made last year when I first moved to my home in Delta Junction, Alaska. I was so delighted to find a "rust farm" nearby and thought that this gasket made nice frames for some imagery. I mounted it on an old cutting board that we weren't using anymore.  Someone else actually came up with the name "Head Gasket" when they saw it. I thought it was perfect.  Now my husband has insisted that we keep it for ourselves.

I plan to resume the courtship letters this Wednesday in case anyone is still interested in reading them. Clarence and Alice's love is beginning to bloom.

Meanwhile I'm awash in fresh caught salmon and blueberries, trying to package and freeze it all  up.

You can catch up with Candace's  new adventures in Utah on Kass's blog .


  1. Very cool, we have a rust farm here in the desert, it was the dumping ground for what was supposed to be a recycling company but instead they were just dumping into the desert. Very sad but this was so many years ago and the stuff is still out there, vintage bottles and rusted parts galore. I love using it in my art. It is very dangerous to out picking because of the rattle snakes and scorpions not to mention spiders. Eeeks. It takes some courage to get up to go out but it is just such a good treasure hunt.

  2. I love it! Rust farm looking good. I would want to keep it too! xox Corrine

  3. I love this collage, Kim...very creative and original!

  4. really like this and the interview was great


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