Wednesday, August 4, 2010

old rust and flowers

My worries and concerns are feeling like old rust.
Let the flowers take over.


  1. Anything rusty!!! Love your flaking fencepost picture too!!

  2. I love this post...and your advice regarding creativity you left for me at prairie thistle. That's my mantra for the week...let the flowers take over. Nice. I so enjoy your blog and ongoings and doings that you share. Hugs - Julie

  3. Great banner pic, love this aging fence. Flowers and rust, what could be more perfect, those icelandic poppies are gorgeous. Makes me think of a Dillon song...xox Corrine

  4. This is very pretty Kim! I love the rusted fence with the beautiful flowers peaking through. Have a great rest of the week.

  5. Thanks, Karen and Corrine, I've been trying to spruce up the blog a bit.
    I'm glad I was of some help, Julie, I've been feeling creative in stops and starts lately, not so consistent, it seems to go in cycles.

    I guess this was fence day, rusted and flaking.
    I took the poppy pics at a friends garden.

    Thanks for your comments, it seems like there's been a summer slowdown!
    xoxo KIm


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