Friday, August 13, 2010

A Bit of Bali For You


Padi Terrace

Folks at a wedding ceremony


Agung Gde~

Dewi -
 My brother's sister -in-law that was considered for the part of Made in "Eat Pray Love"
Unfortunately she wasn't all that interested. This photo was taken 8 or 9 years ago.

A new carving that becomes ancient looking after just a few tropical seasons.

A view from my brother's house near Ubud.
He designed the house and all the details down to the fan shaped infinity pool that overlooks a gorge.

I've been fortunate to visit Bali three times now since my artistic brother Dan has made it his home and started a family in Ubud.  He's been traveling there since the seventies. Ubud was just a small village with one restaurant when he made his first trip and spent a year painting and soaking in every aspect of Balinese culture. He's married into a family of dancers. His three year old daughter Natalee already exhibits a talent for classic Balinese dance moves that are witnessed any time music is played.

Most of these photos were taken with my much outdated Sony Mavica except for the last one.


  1. these pictures are beautiful, I couldn't even imagine living around such beauty.

  2. Oh those offerings look yummy, what are they? I didn't realize Dan lived in Bali, nor did I know the depth of his love for that island and its people.
    I still have my Mavica somewhere, I loved it. One day I'll get a real camera.
    Thanks for sharing the Brilliant Photos - bets

  3. You are a woman after my own heart and I have just found you thru Cat's wonderful blog La Dolce Vita!!! hOW AMAZING TO BE ABLE TO TRAVEL TO bALI AND to be with family there!!! Id o so envy your travels!! Thank you for sharing such marvelous pictures!!!
    Now I am off to find some of your beadwork!!!

  4. I could not leave a comment above about your ATC's, so I am leaving it here! Thye are wonderufl I love how your mind works!!! So very clever!! Your peeled paint fence banner photo is wonderful as well!!!

  5. Hi Kim! Love your new look blog and your pieces here are wonderful, as always. I love your atcs and their quirky sayings ... this is one of my favourite things. Your Bali photos are fantastic - what an amazing place to visit. Lovely to come and see you again and I'd like to thank you for your kind comments on my blog. They're so much appreciated. See you soon! Pen xxx


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