Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Double Header

Not only am I double posting today  but I'm honoring two celebrations long distance. Yesterday was my folks 62nd anniversary and today is Father's day. I'm so grateful that these two events even get to be celebrated this week as my father experienced a heart attack while visiting me in Arizona last year just hours before we were to bring him to the airport to return to Maine.
He had to undergo a quadruple bypass and recovery before they would let him go home. It was a mixed blessing  as I was able to take care of my mom in a warm and sunny place in my own home while he was hospitalized. I'm happy to say he's alive and kicking still with my mom and enjoying some crab picking at our summer cottage in Maine today. Those two know how to live it up and celebrate I must say!

Ray & Jay ( yes, those are really their names!)

Are they too cute or what?!
I inherited that distinctive  Rogers nose from my Dad.

My Dad and little Kimmy at our cottage in Maine.

Dear old Dad ~ Visiting in Arizona

Ray & Jay    Kim & Dave


  1. So sweet Kim. Love the vintage photos and a summer house in Maine? Wow! So fortunate you have both of your parents. Have a lovely day. :-)

  2. Ray and Jay are adorable and have grown to look like each other.

    Very sweet post.

    I'm glad your parents are doing well.

  3. What a sweet post! 62 years! I'm glad your dad is doing well!

  4. what a lovely post Kim to celebrate your parents 62nd anniversary and an extra special father's day.......Congratulations to Ray and Jay ....xx


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