Friday, June 4, 2010

Craft Cram Part Deux~ A Hodge Podge With the Mod Podge

And then I ventured into the realm of collage for pure play.

I like that this was my own photo from our trip to Burma.
Anemone picture from a Dover book printed on vellum
Vintage illustration of a Dutch girl holding flowers
I started this piece last year and cut off the parts I didn't think worked so well.

I had a stash of root vegetables on hand.

Pre-painted paper from a color swap.
More experimenting with stamping.
Vintage photo from a blog giveaway.

Not sure why I had to give this seventies era gal a turnip head but she was asking for it.
Must be the diseased blood slide that sets it off although the little guy in the corner kind of looks like a fishy.

Make sure and smell the roses.
Somehow this works, not that there's rhyme or reason to it.
( not any that I'll reveal anyhow!)


  1. these are really great Kim! the buddha is especially well done and I agree, it looks like the turnip head was asking for it!! lol!

  2. Well, I don't mean to be redundant, but Ms. Turnip Head grabbed my attention, too! Your Buddha is lovely, and I enjoyed it having also just seen the Buddhas at Artymess. Although I am usually not drawn to a muted palette, the rutabagas against neutral tones creation is wonderful. And - oh! - Jack Webb! Brilliant, Kim.


    Can you guess which one I liked the best?

  4. Kirk, do you think Jack Webb showed up at LimesNow's quilting class too along with dennis Hopper? :)

  5. "Just the facts, Limes. Just the facts."

  6. Great collages I always find it difficult to collage paper but i'm going to have a go now ...Lovely earrings and necklaces too ....been away to Wales Augustus had a whale of a time he slept all the way back in the car ...x


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