Friday, June 4, 2010

Craft Cram

New *Numinosity* earrings with silver ear wires.

*Numinosity* earrings with nickel free brass ear wires.

Chunky Ocean Jasper and labradorite with Moody Underwater lampwork beads.

Citrine chunks and labradorite necklace with vermeil toggle.

My friend Jenny of JSchlo Jewelry was talking about having to cram in some craft making this week for a new craft market in her neck of the woods. The term "craft cram" emerged as it is something  those of us involved in art shows and other selling venues occasionally have to face.

I did my own craft cram this week as I had shipped off  quite a bit of my inventory in many directions to various galleries and shops leaving me somehow with an array of a mostly darker, moody color palette for me to sell at my own booth. 

I ended up making 31 pairs of earrings from the raw glass  at the torch to finish.  I managed to make a couple of chunky necklaces from some of the large moody underwater looking beads that I was holding on to. Sometimes I feel that I have to go through my stash and try to use up supplies that I may have bought years ago and breathe  a new life into them.

You may contact me through this site or my Facebook fan page should you desire to own any of these pieces.  I'm still working on a shopping cart, hopefully will have it up soon. all you need is a Paypal account.


  1. That citrine necklace is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Citrine chunks - swoon! Turnip heads eh??? Love the collages!

  3. Definitely agreeing with Becca! The citrine necklace is so gorgeous!


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