Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Candace and Some New Glass Creations

Candace got to go to Squam Fiber Arts Camp with Corrine of Dosfishes

Here are a couple of photos from that trip. Corrine has more to tell about her artistic adventure on her blog.

One of Corrine's workshop mates in a photo op with our Candace.

A tired little stitcher.

I'm going back to an old venue south of here called the Girdwood Forest Fair. I haven't done it in years as the drive is super long (100 miles to Fairbanks isn't long in my book) but I have to drive past Anchorage out Turnagain Arm to the little festival in the woods near Alyeska Ski Resort which I think will be an 8 hour drive at least. 

It's the kind of festival with tie dye and hula hoops and lots of music and folks romping through the woods. There are pathways that wind through the trees and forest bringing you on an artistic shopping trail.

It was many years ago that I came up with something that would be perhaps more affordable and appealing to the younger crowd. The "Girdwood Whorls" were born. "They're drippy, they're trippy, they're Girdwood whorls!" Now I've been selling them as Rainbow Whorls and just plain whorls ever since. I also had made up little mushroom beads that I haven't revisited in quite awhile. I think that was the only item that got lifted from my booth back then, one of those mushroom beads. I've had really good luck in that department or really bad inventorying so that I don't notice if something's been taken!

As in most shows these days there seems to be a saturation of jewelry and I've been trying to branch out with other items that may go well in addition to my lampwork jewelry such as my beaded vintage image bags and "glinchies" ( inch glass tile magnets) and  vintage image tags.

I did want to come up with something new and since I have a goodly stash of copper wire at my disposal  I  have made up these wonky flowers that will hopefully make a hit. These are my Forest Fair Flowers.

The one on the left looks like a friend of Candace.

This is what they look like coiled up and hammered.
Then I'll put them on an adjustable leather cord.
I'm actually cutting the glass while it's hot to make the petals.


  1. Candace is having a blast!!!And I love your flowers,very unique and whimsical!!Warmest Regards,Cat

  2. Great flowers. I do think that one on the left could be Candace's friend! I give you credit for your long drives, I would not want to do it. Sounds like a great festival though. Take some photos so we can share....
    xox Corrine

  3. i think those flowers are just the ticket for that festival ....x

  4. the flowers will be just perfect! bet you sell out! and LOL! over the tired little stitcher!! too funny!

  5. Your flowers are wonderful, Kim. They're whimsical in a way that the Girdwood Forest Fair seems whimsical. I like the little Candace flower, and I've got a hula hoop! The tired little stitcher picture is cute. There's no better word for our Candace now than "gadabout". I'm off for Arizona in the morning ~ so excited.

  6. Love the flowers - stunning little gems that are beautiful on their own or used to embellish. Wonderful art!

  7. Beautiful flowers!

    I just caught up with your shoe tying outing, absolutely hysterical! I need to go tie one, i think im wrong, & have passed it on wrong x 3!

    Did you see your card up in lights? Thank you!

  8. Lovely flowers!! The colors are fantastic.

  9. Oh they're lovely, truly. Bright, cheerful little things. I like Candace, too. Everyone should have a Candace, or barring that, at least a pet, plant or something that we can address inane remarks to without fear of judgment.

    For me, it is my dog, husband, dishwasher, sun or just about anything. The mailbox, sometimes.

    "Ouch, that's a rough edge." I'll say, and someday that mailbox will talk back to me, asking for a file, or telling me to stuff it.

    But until then, it helps that my dog is at my heels so that my neighbor can think I'm talking to my dog.

    Remember the movie Castaway? Infuriating ending, really. A non-ending. I feel that if you're telling a story, don't pull a choose-your-own-adventure at the end of it. Tell the story fully (yes, easy to see that I believe that, isn't it?)

    Anyway, he had Wilson. We all need company as we go through life :-)

    I need more coffee and less cold medicine. Take care, have fun :-) Thank you for sharing the pretty pictures and fun words.


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