Monday, February 6, 2012

A word is worth a 1000 pictures

A quick word from me before I ramp back up to my blogging again. We made it safely back from India just in time for the Tucson Gem Show. Busy editing photos for you all in between shopping for some goodies at the gem show for my Etsy shop and creating. Now you get to tell me which you would like to see first, Gem show finds or some slices of India? We'll be back at our home base in Bisbee later on today and I'm itching to share some things with you. I definitely missed the blog world although I was able to lurk here and there from time to time. XOXO Kim


  1. Me, I want both, but... India? On the other hand, gem finds WERE from India, right? Whatever you are in the mood to put up first, that's okay by me. I MISSED you, though I did keep up on the updates.

    It will be fun, though, to see what new goodies you'll be incorporating into your work. Welcome home, Kim. Love, Jeannette

  2. Slice of India of course, I bet you have enough stories to keep you going through May and then some! xox Corrine

    Glad you are back, we missed you!!!!!!

  3. I vote for India!!! Welcome home to Blogland, Kim. -sus

  4. I vote for India - Welcome back to Blogland, Kim!! -sus

  5. I vote for the Gem Show ! It is what is going on now.
    Did you buy any gems when you were in India ? especially silver ?

    What is very funny is I have been thinking about you a lot this past week and wondering if you were back yet.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. WHat ever you want to share is great, as eventually I hope we will hear about both!


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