Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Enough about me... Here's something fresh

I'd like to share a little known art blog that I've found that I think is super original and fresh. I happen to know her parents rather well and even met her when we were on our honeymoon in Sweden. 
 Introducing Karin Backlof
I do hope you take a moment to discover her amazing artistry with fiber and clean design sense.
Just wait till you see how she made these!

I did a swap with her recently and I received this sweet raincloud.
I think she sensed we needed some here in the desert.

I'm still trying to sort out how to present my India stories here. 
It seems to be that current creations and experiences shout out the loudest to be shared and I know I ought to find a way to present my experiences before they fade to far back into history.


  1. As for your presentation, it will come as it should, and I look forward to it. I enjoyed Karin's blog and artwork. I particularly like how she said something to the effect of the unplanned is often the most interesting.

  2. Thanks, Rubye. I think as I peruse my journal and photos something may emerge. I found that yesterday when one blogger contacted me yesterday with questions about my trip I couldn't say enough about it and my words fairly flowed. Maybe I should let you all ask me some questions and I can present it that way. Thanks for your input.

  3. I'd love to ask--did you get to any yoga/ashram/spiritual places?

    On my last "uber-inspiring" trip, to Rome, I was completely tongue-tied about it when I got back and inspiration for art from it only came after a couple weeks home. go figure!

  4. I had a couple of Ayurvedic massage treatments that I didn't care for all that much and the rest of the trip we were so much on the go and I didn't feel focused enough for anything like that. I felt as if I were operating out of survival mode mostly!
    I do think this sort of travel needs a bit of time to simmer and and emerge in its own way. It was an intense experience.

  5. Why not have a separate blog for your India Trip .....sorted !!..........xx

    1. Oh, that sounds too complicated, I'm already ignoring my other blog. Haven't posted in a year it turns out!

  6. oh her work is very intriguing! and even more so the art collective et al. she's part of - i've been longing for some kind of group/collaboration/inspiration and it's the second time in as many days that an art collective has popped up...hmm...

    as for india, i know exactly what you mean about the immediate things taking precedence - i think it's part of the nature of blogging, but why not share as you sort through your pictures, it will also help you remember all the good stories (believe me, i know this myself). :-) we'd all be just fine with reading a post about india followed by one about the latest beads you've made. :-) it's the nature of blog - it's whatever we want it to be!!


    1. I think I have some ideas as to how to help the stories come out.
      I'm about halfway through posting my pictures on Facebook so so far.

  7. of course, i always read the comments AFTER i write mine...bad habit, but here are some questions to get you started (hmm, i think i know who that blogger was who wrote to you. ;-))

    ~ what surprised you most about india?
    ~ how was it different than you expected?
    ~ how was it exactly as you expected it would be?
    ~ what was the best food you ate?
    ~ which is your favorite souvenir?
    ~ what was the best story someone you met told you?
    ~ what was the most amazing thing you saw?
    ~ what was the least amazing thing you saw?
    ~ would you go back?

    that should keep you busy for awhile. :-)

    1. Thanks, that will help me and I'll open it up to more questions from you readers.

  8. Amazing work - wow lucky you to receive some rain clouds. India will leak out when you have processed maybe over many months. xox Corrine

    1. That's for sure, Corrine.
      Do you know that I still dream about India every night now and it's always new places and situations that I had never visited. There's a lot brewing in there. Maybe all of that Indian tea I drank!

  9. Ooooh yes! I love Karin's work. Thanks for the link. I'll definitely keep my eye on her. (And don't worry Kim, I'm not planning on leaving. :) )


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