Thursday, February 9, 2012

Old Photos from India

We were on the lookout for antique shops on our trip since we are such collectors.
I was so pleased to find a plethora of old photos. We weren't sure what sort of things we might find and if there was much in the way of second hand or antique shops on our trip.
Fort Kochi, Kerala has an area called "Jewtown" named such from Jewish immigrants that landed there 2000 years ago. It was on Jew Street that we found a treasure trove of interesting artifacts and treasures.

 Don't you just love this display?

If I had room this box would have made it home with me!

Our lovely proprietress

Imagine my delight when I found stacks of old photos!
Some of the photos weren't perhaps as old as they looked but with the tropical environment they took on the aged appearance that I love.

I was told that most of these are from the Tamil Nadu area of India

a better close-up

Now this one already looks like a piece I'd like to make. The composition that time created.

A slice of someone's life

Quite solemn

Now this one is totally classic! I laugh every time I look at it.
Gotta be the 70's (I was probably around the same age then)

First thought was twins but it's a mirror image.

I have no idea how I'll use these just yet but let me tell you, just finding them gave me the greatest pleasure!


  1. LOVE your photos, Kim! The bell bottom one makes me laugh, too! Your trip sounds like the most amazing adventure!

  2. These are beautiful. I love the mirror image one. And the seventies one, hehe.

    Beautiful post.

  3. That stinks about the camera! But, Kim, what fantastic photos. EUPHORIA Arts? Perfect. You've had yet another experience of a lifetime, haven't you. I miss those old wind up clocks. We had a big gray "Baby Ben." Its tick could be heard anywhere in our house, when my parents' door was open. The alarm could be heard, too, and it would wake US up, ringing through the wall between my sister's and my room and our parents'. Great stuff

  4. amazing!!!
    Super fun finds and that tin is hilarious
    I bet you saw so much interesting stuff.
    Your collages will be amazing with these.
    Oh yes, I had a loud giggle when seeing that photo of the boys from the 70's ;)

  5. I see that right below the sign that says, "Jew Street" it reads "God's Own Country". So, does that mean the Promised Land is really in India? Better tell the Israelis and Palestinians they're fighting over the wrong piece of real estate.

    The above comment is meant to be humorous, not offensive, but if somebody ends up being offended anyway, feel free to delete it.

  6. what a trip would like to hear more about it! the photos are wonderful. i'll be interested to see you use them!

  7. These are fabulous, what an amazing trip you must have had. Take care of your lovely treasure. x

  8. Great finds! I love old photos and tins. I don't know how you resisted the nipple tin. You could have worn it as a hat if it didn't fit in your pack!

  9. Leave it to you to find all those old photos, what a scoop! I know they will become something other in the not too distant future. xox Corrine

  10. been waiting to see the treasures of your trip, how lovely the photos are, the stories they tell, and those 2 tinted boys are priceless

  11. these are amazing can't wait to see you weave your magic on them ....xx

  12. You brought home such lovely things! I love to see them!

  13. Man, you really scored. What treasures!

  14. What cool finds! I would love to have been able to shop there...thanks for sharing your experience!

  15. Words cannot describe how much I loved these treasures... I would have gone totally nuts.. Those tins!!! The photos. ! Wow


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