Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Unicorn Poop and Other Things Found in the Woods

Unicorn poop found on a thawed out ski trail.
Now this is what I called found object art!
( most likely a sled do got into someone's sewing stash,
It was very clean though, I have to add)

More poop of the moose kind
Liz Anna's Lakeside Studio is actually making some really nice paper and prints with this stuff

A tour of the nearby rust farm

This was taken  a couple of weeks ago when greenup was unfolding

A lot of cans I would say.
Judging from the poptops I think they're from the 70's

Funny that even a collection such as this holds beauty for me, what about you?

A splash of color

Spring has sprung!


I particularly like this shot.

speaking of shot....

the ubiquitous targets of Alaska

This was the dash of an old car...moss and glass

Good thing all of this stuff is so heavy or I'd probably try to haul it home!

And a bicycle grave

I have been doing quite a bit in the studio.
These are my "whorl earrings"

Been doing a bit with the chain I picked up at the gem show.

Raw garnet, quartz crystals and chacedony.
Sorry about the photos, It's the best I can do for now with the scanner.
So much to do right now that I'm focusing on the fabricating not the photos.
more chain play


  1. there would be no place like that rusty grave yard overhere, all would be removed or placed behind fences long before rust could chime in... I would haul some pieces home though if I ever stumble on one... :)
    great photos, love the new jewelry

  2. Totally cool new pieces Kimbucha!!! Rust heaven, that's what you have there, sone very cool items, looks like an excavation of an abandoned civilization...xox Corrine

  3. I may not be from Alaska, but I know unicorn poop when I see it. What a wonderful photo tour and it is GOOD to see you so prolific with the beads and other jewelry.

  4. Great photos and I an another that finds beauty in trash and rust and crust! Your jewelry is lovely

  5. Lovely new pieces. What a place! Love the springs & the field of cans but my favorite are the abacus type things near the end of the rusty tour - great stuff ;)

  6. i would be all over that rust farm. all i get is torn paper on wooden walls. sigh.
    LOVE these shots. (and the jewelry too).

  7. oh you had me at unicorn poop!!!
    love this post
    It reminds me of a lonely place we have here in las vegas, out in the desert
    it looks like a alien life form took on a recycling project, with all of it so organized and laid out in groupings. Weird circle formations.
    Maybe it was an Artsy Alien project that they got tired of and put aside like all crafters

  8. oh man!!! go back there and in that bespoke photo, grab that little wheel will ya????
    wow. LOVE it all but i want that little wheel now. :)

  9. Dang! The THINGS I could DO with some of that rusty junk and a pile of salvaged fabric! I've got to find me someplace like that to harvest!

  10. Unicorn poop?
    Sure beats the kind dragons can leave behind! (hot 'n' smokin'!)
    Your photo essay reminds me of how wonderful decay can really look, even when it's left in heaps--or maybe even when it is left in heaps.
    Beautiful stuff. Cries out to be Photoshopped into digital beauty as well as shown as is prior to digitizing.
    Great work as always!

  11. What pristine junk! I think of the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz... great photos, and I like the new jewelry you're turning out! Ain't summer in Alaska grand!!!
    - sus (fellow rust-lover)

  12. Yes lovely lovely rusty things... I have a few old rusty pieces from a truck that my daughter and I hauled home... we are always tempted to go bring the truck door home too (love that truck door with the bullet holes!) but the big old rusted wood stove although I would love to have it, is far too heavy.
    The jewelry looks oh so lovely as well...wonderful creations!
    Enjoy the many hours of daylight!

  13. i adore that last necklace! and i realize i don't really know where you sell them...all i've seen are your findings and atc fun stuff on etsy. must go look again.

    this also makes me regret that denmark is so cleaned up...there's no picturesque rusty bits around. i love rust.


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