Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It Was a Business Trip... Really! Chickenstock Music Festival

Rather than manning my usual booth at the Farmers' market I decided to attend a little music festival out in the Alaskan boonies. Chickenstock Music Festival in Chicken, Alaska.

Chicken is an old gold mining town from the early 1900's
The old dredge site made for some picturesque camping.
I had been approached last summer by the proprietor of the Chicken Gold Camp in regards to selling  my jewelry in their gift shop. Lots of adventurous tourists pour through the town on their way to and from Canada on the Top of the World Highway and the Taylor Highway.
I saw it as an excellent excuse to personally deliver the goods.

They constructed this nice & funky stage for the performers.

This massive chicken sculpture was delivered to the site all the way from Homer, Alaska, 100's of miles away. I heard they could only drive 20 miles an hour with the load. that's 616 miles or 991 km!

more of the stage and a sculpture

It got fairly warm during the day but I sure missed the huz in my little teardrop trailer when it dropped down to 40 degrees at night (5 C)
Some of the revelers nearby my parking spot... a very Alaskan scene

View from the Teardrop trailer...a gal's got to nap a bit to keep up with the younger folk.
I'm wild about that barkcloth fabric that I got in Tucson... so retro
What 'rustafarian" wouldn't like these chickens?

I actually made some sales out of my trailer too that ended up paying for my gas and ticket, making it a very worthwhile trip for sure


  1. Oh it looks like a great time.
    I love the shot out of your window.
    that is amazing fabric.
    Congrats on all your sales, that always makes it better when you sell out right.

  2. You are great Kim! This post made my day and i most definately want to check out Chickenstock next summer! Teardrop trailer with funky tucson found curtains? Awesome.

  3. What a marvelous outing, and it paid for itself, too! "By the time we got to Chickenstock, we were half-a-hundred strong .. " (with apologies to Crosby, Stills and Nash)

  4. Great shots, love the stage on jeep ensemble.....Too bad Dave couldn't be there. Fab retro guitar barkcloth curtains, know who would like that one! xox Corrine

  5. Perfect - business and pleasure combo - and it didn't cost you anything! Noice!

  6. It looks like a gorgeous time. Love the rusty chicken you know I'm addicted to rusty things:)

    Congrats on all your sales!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Gaby xo

  7. All business trips should be so fun! I've been catching up on your posts...your teardrop is so cool, I'd love to see the inside! Nice to hear sales are going well, too! I'm glad you post on facebook, I've been on the blogs so little lately, that it's fun to see you there, too! Thanks for entering my giveaway and for posting it on your sidebar!


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