Monday, June 6, 2011

A Little Bit of Fun in the Midnight Sun

 We took Memorial Day weekend to attend a little known Music festival in Mendeltna about four hours down the road. This photo was taken at about 10:30 PM
Good music and friends

 I can never get enough of that glowing sunset that lasts three hours and then turns into a three hour sunrise 
 That's our lowly black spruce in the background which firefighters call  "gasoline on a stick"
Pretty impressive when a massive stand of those go up which they do when lighting strikes...
all part of the ecosystem here.

A plane landed on the highway and pulled over to attend the festival...
not so uncommon here.

Aditi & Cassidy... Guess which one is related to me

Heading home with the teardrop...
next stop the "Chickenstock"
the little bluegrass festival in the little remote mining town of Chicken.
It sleeps two and has a little kitchen area in the back.
( not the town of Chicken. I think that sleeps about 100, I mean the Teardrop Trailer)


  1. Gorgeous photos.
    It is hard to imagine actually seeing this beauty in real life, must be quite amazing.
    Oh my that trailer is so claustrophobic to me, LOL
    There is no way I could sleep or even sit in there. But what a way to travel.
    They always have those trailers at car shows and I am always amazed that people travel this way.
    its so tiny.
    Looks like you are having a wonderful Summer.

  2. What fun to follow you, even vicariously. Alaska is so foreign to anything I know, it's an adventure. I wonder if this is the same music festival you featured about a year ago? Regardless, it looks like great fun! Best to Dave.

  3. The teardrop is just perfect, llloks so good. What a cute girlfriend your son has!! Looks like a fun time, I don't know if
    I could get used to the midnight sun. xox Corrine

  4. Thats the life I miss so very much....

  5. paint that trailer pink and fill it with crocheted kitsch! it's awesome!

  6. Looks like great fun - I love your trailer - truly cuteness on wheels!All those light hours - do you ever sleep?


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