Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tribal In Paradise

This is what happens on a drizmal day that I decide to do some sewing for a change. 
Although I have been nattering on about junkyards and  music festivals the truth is I have been hard at it in the studio for the a good bit since I have a large block of time to myself.
The huz is off doing archaeology field work which takes him away a couple of weeks at a time. They've been finding paleo sites along with historic gold mining camps.

I've been relishing hours of uninterrupted time to catch up with stocking my own booth and galleries and shops hoping to place myself in a few new ones as well.

So what happens is rather than heading out to the studio I suddenly find a table full of supplies in front of me and a warming cup of tea and inspiration.
Yesterday I had spent several hours trying to produce headpins that had been requested.
I found that my glass acted strangely. I'd noticed it before with some of the CIM brand "messy colors"
They have some wonderful opalescent milky clear glass which inexplicably to me anyway will go opaque depending on which color you lay over it. I was going for a white stripe twisty on an opalescent base. I ended up with some subtle two tone neutral whites.
Of course my time was not wasted and instead of stocking up my Etsy shop
because for some other inexplicable reason will not even load with my dial-up lately,
I went at it and used my own supplies. Not fair, right?

I pulled out some bins of beads that I've recently designated for a more tribal look.


Those are vintage buttons strung between African copper spacers.

These kind of scanned a little wonky but I'm showing you how I beefed up some previous earrings that didn't seem to move well sales -wise (the little coil-y dudes)
Vermeil wires and findings with brass nuggets.

Now here are the opalescent headpins. I really like the way these came out with an experiment with double headpins. 
S O L D - to a lovely blogger in Denmark!


Apatite and Thai silver

Vintage buttons and copper beads and spacers
Sunstone with copper spacers and Thai silver

Amethyst & Thai silver

You can click on the photo for a closer look.

This is what I have left of  yesterday's batch of headpins.
I'm open to suggestions for color combinations on the pointy twists.
Rounds, $2 each
twisties $2.50  each
Discounts given on larger orders.

I am accepting Paypal payments if you have an interest in owning any of these pieces.
You can deal with me directly with any transactions.
I'm having too much trouble getting my Etsy shop to come up on my dial-up connection lately.


  1. WOW you have been busy - those long hours of daylight are definitely more energizing than the winter darkness. I love the headpins... waiting for some to appear in your store! And the earrings - oh so very lovely.
    enjoy the daylight!

  2. I <3 the double headpin ones. are those buttons in the middle of it? want!

  3. Gorgeous yummy tribal post ..Oh I've missed you ...xx

  4. These are fantastic! Some might have to show up at Squam! xox Corrine

  5. I'm getting out my backpack and gassing up the car. I'd like to watch on the next drizmal day. I'd be quiet and not pester you. I almost felt "Arabian Knights" or "Persian" rather than "tribal", though I am not quibbling. Hmmm . . maybe those ARE tribal. I am interested in earrings and will e-mail you. As for color combinations, I think the pointy twists would be open to the entire spectrum. Not copping out. I just think the possibilities are as endless as your good mind and eye.

  6. Hey Kim, Do you still have the pair that is the 6th one down? I would like to buy them if so!! ((xo)) amy

  7. Love that word, drizmal! The swirls 7 tribals are great.

  8. very productive... and I love the tribal juxtaposition... wonderful!


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