Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stamp Convention and Unconventional Finds

 When my husband announced that he wanted to go on a trip to Charleston, South Carolina to accept his 25 year pin I wasn't sure what he was talking about. I knew he had been in the Laborer's Union on the Alaskan Pipeline construction project but couldn't understand why he had to go to Charleston to get his pin. Then he told me it was for his membership in the  American Philatelic Society.  He conveniently told me that we could also combine it with a trip to see my sister at her new home in North Carolina so as to sweeten the pot for me. After I talked him out of driving from Arizona to North Carolina we agreed to fly and make it a shorter trip. You see it doesn't take much convincing to get my husband to agree to any sort of trip abroad or otherwise, he is an inveterate traveler.

I wasn't sure what to expect that would hold my interest at the stamp convention, knowing that there would be wares for the high dollar collectors of stamps and covers but I was really hoping that there would be some good pickin's for me in the low dollar bins in the ephemera category for collage materials. 

After many days of shopping at the Gem and Mineral show in Tucson, walking into a room of stamp exhibitors is more of a dry experience with out all the sparklies and flashes of color.

 It takes a different focus to be wowed by the goods laid out. Items need to be looked at individually and  leafed through carefully. We had the fortune of meeting a gal on the elevator at the hotel that told me she had a "dollar booth" with heartened me greatly as to the possibilities of some good altered art worthy finds.

And then the excitement built for me as I found several tables of this nature that had US and foreign envelopes from  the mid 1800's up until the 1980's.
What fascinated me the most was some old Japanese envelopes form the 1920's and 30's complete with contents. The worn and wabi sabi feel and textures of the envelopes with calligraphy on rice paper contents, I can tell you I was more than excited! This was the jackpot for me beyond my imaginings of what I could hope to find! some contained old receipts and some had three foot long reams of rice paper with script. So exciting!

And then I found a table piled high with used stamps where you could fill a small bucket for $5. At that point I wasn't discerning about which stamps to  pick as others were sorting through the pile with tweezers, I just grabbed handfuls and filled my bucket!

 A few of my Japanese envelopes. I bought enough of them so that i just may be able to part with some.
I'll let you know when they are listed in my Etsy store. (my long neglected etsy store)

 Some of the contents

 A pile of old Japanese postcards too

There were bins of old letter covers from all over the world.
I especially liked the couple that were addressed to Miss Blogg!

So my husband was more than delighted that I was a happy shopper at his convention, in fact He's calling me right now to meet him at the exhibit
i can't wait to pile through some more bins!


  1. I'm officially jealous of your finds!! They all look so interesting. I love looking through old letters and postcards (even if I do not understand what is written on them).

  2. Fabulous Finds, Kimberly! I'm looking for your ESTY store but I can't find it. Can you send me the email address?


  3. Officially color me green with envy !
    I love old stamps and have even bought the little packets that come with a plastic magnifier glass made for kids.
    I am so there with a bucket too.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Wow! Beautiful finds. I think I'd be tempted to frame a few of these just as they are.

  5. OH...MY.....WORD NOT Larmsy its what a lucky girl you fact thats 6 words but those japanese letters are the business ..i have great big bags of stamps ...I love stamps ...but i love those letters ...hurry up and put a Buy Now button on your website ....xx

  6. I'll bet that you would love all the old stuff I'm coming across as I sort through Mom's stuff. WWII memorabilia, little do-dads, all sorts of treasures that must have meant something to Mom or Dad - so much of it that my sisters and I are overwhelmed.

  7. Oh what finds, lucky you! ?those Japanese pieces are amazing! Now I am slightly jealous....packing!!!! Although it is 40 here...yipee...xox Corrine

  8. wonderful you lucky duck! let me know if you are going to part with anything japanese!

  9. Sign me up - JEALOUS! Once again, sincere regret I can't simply hide away in your backpack and follow your life.

  10. @ Yvonne and all others that may be interested, I'll try to put some up after I return home and after the One World One Heart hoopla dies down. I also have a 200th post
    giveaway coming up so I'll be sure to include some stamp convention
    swag in that!

    For future reference though, and my beads site is
    Thanks for the nudge.

    I promise I'll get on the stick with some cool bundles soon! i think there's plenty for everyone because i sincerely went crazy on some of this!

  11. ribbet! ribbet! ribbet! it ain't easy being green! those are amazing!! i love, love, love asian artifacts...especially paper ones! what a find! please let me know if you decide to part with any of them!! otherwise, i may turn blue from being green and unable to breathe!

  12. Oh my word! You do stumble upon some amazing stuff. I'm drooling here.

  13. Hello. I just left a comment but can't remember actually posting it so I am back..feeling a little goofy- if this is a duplicate ignore it-- but I wanted to tell you that I never thought to go to a stamp show and have found one in Seattle in March. I brought home from Kyoto the same sort of letters and postcards you found- they are wonderful- I would love to find a 'dollar' table too. and I have been to Tucson for the rock and fossil exhibits- also wonderful.. have fun with all your finds.

  14. How wonderful! It's always interesting to open the door on an entirely new world of collectors and collectibles.

  15. What fantastic treasures you found, Kim! I never would have thought a philatelic (?) could be so much fun!

  16. OH, Kim...this sounds like FUN!! Looking forward to seeing all your goodies!

  17. Oh, oh, oh! Those Japanese goodies are amazing!


  18. I would be right next to you Kim, just scooping the stamps up into the bucket! Those envelopes are precious! Please PLEASE put my name on one of them before you list them in your Etsy shop - two or three of them if you have lots!! I have my wallet (well-my paypal) out just waiting to give you some money!
    Love the look of your blog as well as your website! Gorgeous - off to look at your beads again.


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