Sunday, February 20, 2011

Putting the Work in Networking

I've been trying to get a few things done before the Viking Invasion that's about to ensue. We have some visitors from Sweden visiting for the next two weeks so I think  I may not have so much time for my internet pursuits. 

My husband's former partner Olle from the early 70's in a mining camp and trapping cabin on the Yukon river will be visiting with his mate Margaret. 

These boys are building a cabin in the early 70's on Hannah Creek on the Charley river which runs into the Mighty Yukon in Alaska

Olle Backlof is in the middle and my husband is on the right
( many years before I knew him)
Dale Ruckle was another partner of their's.

I expect there will be some good stories and reminiscing going on.

   But back to the gist of this post. I've been trying to familiarize myself with my new website
It's not going so well yet and yesterday I seemed to have given myself a wicked headache over it perhaps due to drinking my husband's full caf coffee and semi- fasting and cleansing with a super greens concoction. I had a fabulous massage midday which made me forget to eat, very relaxing after a morning of puzzling how to make my posts show up on the site even though they were recorded as published.

 Later on we went off on a shopping trip at Home Depot when suddenly an ocular migraine occurred which isn't painful (the headache had left during the massage) but they are awfully disconcerting. What happens is I experience a hole in my vision with raggedy flashing prisms on the periphery of the hole. They last about 30 to 40 minutes and make you feel simply not right at all.
I just want to sit still and calm myself when I get these.

 We stopped at a chain restaurant which we hardly ever do called "My Big Fat Greek Restaurant"since I wanted to give it a try. My visuals were abating somewhat as I was looking at the menu.
 It seemed a bit noisy in there and suddenly the lights dimmed and the Greek music started to blast and the atmosphere was akin to a flash mob scene as the servers clapped and shouted in unison. I tell you it was just crazy and then they lined up,  linked arm in arm and wove their way through the whole restaurant, about 10 of them! Added to that they were punctuating the performance with fire-breathing,  I'm talking 3 and four foot flames. One of the menus on the table next to us even caught fire and was quickly extinguished.
I'm not sure if this is typical for this chain, it certainly was a surprise to us!

It kind of activated the visuals with my ocular migraine what with my elevated heart rate and flames all about the place!
The food arrived and things calmed down enough to enjoy some nice stuffed peppers that we ordered.

Fortunately although rather fatigued I was able to enjoy the movie "The King's Speech"

Which brings me back to the work part again ( I didn't realize that I was going to insert that story but I thought it worthy for entertainment)

Today I went on an Etsy blitz and posted some new items in both of my long neglected shops.
I had been trying to activate my own shop on Facebook through the Payvment site but it seems some folks are uncomfortable having their profiles accessed on Facebook so I went back to the more familiar Etsy format.

I had been hoping to add the Payvment page to my blog and website as well. I think that's where the headache first originated.

Anyway you can now find some of my ephemera and such on my vintage Etsy site
 and some beads on my other site


  1. Oh, Kim, I am getting behinder and behinder on my blog commenting. I still wanted to comment about your trip away AND beat the Viking Invasion, so I need to get moving here. Something is up with the resolution of the Comments area of your blog on my monitor, so I'm having a terrible time seeing what I'm typing. Nevertheless, i'm pretty intrepid.

    Aren't those young men of the 70s handsome? I remember some very well. Funny. When I look at them now, they look like then - not like old poots.

    I did pop over to your new website. It IS nice and your nephew did a good job for you. I'm going to refer it to my Girlfriend. We were chatting about many things last weekend and I promised her I'd put her onto your beautiful work in some way. I'll ask that she identify herself as Leslie's friend if she makes contact.

    I do not get migraines or any other type of headache and I'm sorry you do. I'm not doing ANY fast/cleansing, but I am a massage addict. Good for you!

    I do not condone flaming restaurants AND I am dying to see "The King's Speech" ~ in a regular snit that I haven't seen it yet. I'm sure I'll have to go alone. No human I know would go with me. Or, they might go, but they might also throw up on the floor. I need some new friends locally!

    I think I'll add here what I'd have said to your other post: you look truly nice with dark hair - a new look for you? And DAMN the fire ants! Not fun.

    I make GOOD stuffed peppers!

    <3 <3 Leslie

  2. I so understand your pain.
    I have had Migraines since I was 13. They got worst in my 20's, I had the ones where you have to lay in a dark room or bathroom for days. Now that I am in my 60's they are much better and I do have the ocular migraines too !
    Have a great visit with the Viking Invasion that should be fun !

    Hope all is well with the massive stamp collection.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Life is sounding interesting around your place! Hope you solved all the etsy and blog issues! I get silent migraines, too...the first time it happened I thought my retina was detaching...really strange! Enjoy your visit with your friends!

  4. Oh Kim, haven't been to visit for a while due to real life getting in the way and I'm sorry to hear of your posting and headache troubles. The restaurant you chose sounds like a baptism of fire under such circumstances! Take care, Pen x

  5. poor you i have had that weird visual thing with a hole in the middle which is black and a Bridget Riley pop art flashing ring around it ,,,,its horrible and disconcerting ....sounds like a mad night with menu burning and such .....xx

  6. Never knew about these kind of headaches. I does sound disconcerting.

  7. Nothing like a headache to put a damper on marketing. Great pic of David from so long ago....he hasn't changed that much! Those were the days eh. Both shops look great. New lentils please? xox Corrine

  8. Hope the headaches have gone away. Funny restaurant story...and looks like you are VERY busy! Like your new Web site too! Let me know when you're up for Sunday drawing. We're doing paper dolls this week:-)

  9. whew. i can't believe you went to dinner and a movie after the headache. the first time i got one i was on the subway and i thought i was going blind psychedelically. zig zaggy hell.

    hope you're all better.

  10. Kim, I think your new website is looks great to me! I love the photo grid slide show at the top! I've had an ocular migraine and it's a bizarre experience.. not sure i'd want to go through the restaurant experience you had afterwards. hope you have a wonderful visiti with your Swedish guests!

  11. The Big Fat Greek Restaurant sounded like a hallucination brought on by the headache. Wild! Sorry to hear you suffer from this sort of thing.

  12. Just got back from your new website. It's beautiful. Love the way it lights up.

  13. Tinkering with my website sometimes gives me a headache too. Enjoy the Viking invasion!

  14. Great vintage photo!!


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