Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Candace Goes to Boston

Candace is excited to go on a train but gets a bit TOO enthusiastic.
Don't walk on the rails, Candace!

Candace at the historical North Church in Boston by the infamous "Two if by land, One if by sea" window.

Candace, once again showing her trashy side.

In the company of some really fast runner women getting ready for the Boston Marathon.

With her Auntie Betsy at the finish line. Betsy finished the marathon!

Getting her beauty sleep with Auntie Betsy.

Hanging out in a REALLY OLD graveyard.

Candace took a plane trip to Boston with her Auntie Betsy and Uncle Matt to watch Betsy run the Boston Marathon. My excuse that my sister runs marathons and I don't is that SHE IS SEVEN YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME!. (so there!) I'm pretty proud of her actually.
I agreed that she could go on another adventure with them as long as they kept her out of harms way. She does seem to have some narrow brushes with danger with them.


  1. Well I certainly need to get caught up on the story of Candice! I will be in Seattle for a few days, so I will read the story then. :-)

  2. well at least there were no stories of 'hello sailor' there...a far more wholesome visit for Candace I feel.... with a really brilliant role model in your sister ........well done Betsy!!!...xx

  3. She is a trashy chick that Candace, but I am glad she got to participate in the marathon and see some of the
    old sights. So fun. Wish we could all have adventures like hers. A year to travel and play, now that sounds good to me.

  4. Am I mistaken, or do I detect a little flush in Candace's cheeks? This grand tour is doing that girl some GOOD! Kudos to your sister, Betsy. I've done some (walking) marathon training. Anyone who delivers the goods gets a tip of the hat from me!

  5. I love the handless arm holding Candace in the first photo.

  6. I think that's to make Candace feel better about being handless!


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