Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time to Jump in Again

I brought a postcard size watercolor paper pad along on the trip and did a bit of drawing and experimenting with watercolor crayons and multicolored pencils. It's a medium that I haven't employed much over the years. I thought it would be a good stretching exercise since I wouldn't have any of my favorite supplies along with me. Portability was a priority in this case.

Several "Portals" I've encountered in my travels incorporated into one. A Balinese Gate, Moroccan archway and medieval doorway.

Inspired by a mosaic pattern.

Archways and hexagons and trying out a little of my indigo pigment from the souk.

"Doggerel" A snippet from a Moroccan storybook and applied to some backing from a thrift store frame, suitably distressed. I just love the expression on the dog's face.

I barely know where to start up on this blog again! I have so many images and stories, not to mention ideas I had before I even went on this journey. Here are a few sketches done at cafe tables and hotel rooms. The "Doggerel" piece I put together since I've been home just to get my feet wet.

I've had one good day in the bead studio and uploaded most of my picture albums and unpacked so I think I'm doing well so far. I have to catch up on other's blogs as well since my internet time was limited and I had so much to process already just catching up on my own days that were packed full of images and experiences. I thought it best just to jump in and post a few things just to get started again. We'll see how this unfolds!


  1. Wonderful stuff, Kim. Welcome HOME! I can't wait to read and see more. Now, seriously, though... that second doorway MISSY? A teensy bit Phallic mayhaps? or perhaps it's just my mind which was in the gutter from about age 16 on, so I'll let it go. Wonderful experimentation, perhaps most especially your doggerel... Take your time letting it all unfold on the blog. I just found my own voice again for my blog. Later, friend.

  2. Ha ha that's funny!, Thanks for looking Jeannette.
    I've been enjoying your blog too.

  3. love all the pieces of art you create on the fly. I find it so hard to create on the trip and easier to process once I am home. I bet you will be "unpacking' ideas for a loooong time!!! xoxox cat

  4. I was lucky to even get my thoughts down in a journal let alone make it artistic so I was proud to make a few postcard pieces. I have a ton of ideas but I need to execute them.
    The altered art is rather new for me and I wish I had some more of the techniques of fastening and cold connecting and image transfer under my belt. Soon come though! I'll do what I can do with what I have and will learn plenty along the way.


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