Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back to Business... Beads That Is

I used silver leaf in these beads and was playing around with some of the new CIM colors I had ordered from Frantz Art Glass

These lentils are a good size for earring sets.

These two didn't quite fit in with the rest of today's batch. The nugget on the right was made with the nub ends of some of my silver reactive glass that I couldn't hold anymore. I like to make some beads at the end of a session by using small pieces that are cluttering up the worktable.

It feels good to be back at the torch although my arms seem to be a bit sore from my first day back at the gym and yoga yesterday. I'm trying to get back into some of my pre-trip routines and keep the right balance of art and fitness for my well-being. In the past I've had to sacrifice one for the other and now that I'm "retired" I'm finally finding time for both.

Yesterday I went for a little walk for treasures. I didn't have to go far for some good rust pieces at the neighbor's vacant lot. A beautifully rusted lock and part of a red glazed ceramic figure caught my eye. Funny, I didn't see them last year when I was rummaging.

On down the street to the desert hills of ocotillo and cactus, I follow a trail, all within shouting distance of the road near our house. I find a stash (literally) of burlap and rags of Mexican blanket strips and rope, most likely from a smuggling operation. I find the burlap to be nicely tattered and aged and suitable for a future project. We're quite near the Mexican border so there's foot traffic occurring of different sorts occurring nearby. As my walk progressed I inexplicably start to find golfballs. I don't have any use for them in my art but I'm sure my husband might decide to put them to use one day.


  1. oh the crazy things you find in the desert! i do remember.... I get my best rusty bits in Taos!

  2. Hello Kimberley - so cool that you are now a floozy and a barter circlet! Your beads are just gorgoeus! Did you say some of them were lentils once? How do you make lentils look so darn good??? To get our badges, right click, copy and then save the badge images into your "pictures" file. Then click on hte link of our respective sites - the barter circle is:
    and the floozies site is:

    Right, so all you do is add the image as a picture on your blog (go to add a gadget in your Layout segment of blogger) and fill in the boxes. Pretty much what you've done to add stuff into your side panel anyway.

  3. Oh Debrina, That was beadspeak about the lentils referring to shape only. They're glass through and through.
    Thanks for the advice too.


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