Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Put a Cap On It

I've been doing a little horse trading and buying of some elements I haven't used much in the past.
I'm seeing ceramic beads and bead caps that seem to be asking to be paired with my crusty line.
I admit prejudice toward ceramic beads from remembering big clunky  not so aesthetically pleasing ones from back in the 60's that usually accompanied jute macrame.
I had done a bead swap last year and when I received some ceramic beads of a different and more delicate persuasion I  became a convert.
Then I started to notice... notice some funky and some elaborate designs made by my fellow Etsians.
I noticed how they looked in other's creations and I vowed to acquire some.

I found Petra of ScorchedEarth through the circles I travel
She's making some crazy amazing bead caps

and whimsical too.
Here I've paired her coconut bead caps with Natalie's from NKPbeads
subtle grey glazed saturn beads.
Those are my crusty headpins in the center.

Trying ways to use my own crusty limpet bead caps.
These sold immediately at the farmer's market. I had sellers remorse but was glad that I had some pics already.
Those were those yellow beads that nobody wanted. They just needed the right company

These started out totally different with a big hoop.
They hung too long and looked awkward

As I was dismantling them I saw that all my work didn't have to go to waste and I could turn them into more linear earrings

Petra's wonderful bead caps with some Bali bicones I'd been hoarding aside

She didin't expect to see them hanging upside down.
You never know how someone will see fit to use your supplies.

More limpet caps. I found myself high grading most of the recent ones I've made.
Now that I know how fun they are to use I shall endeavor to make more... for you

Natalie NKPbeads with some shiny numinosity elements

Coupla plain Petra beads with my crusties. Sets it off just right I think.

Numinosity limpets with lava and headpins and Bali bicones

Now these bead caps by Petra... I think I'm in love with the crusty crackle with the contrasting shiny glaze. I just love these!

More of Petra's bead caps
I wasn't thinking shrooms at the time. I had reversed the cap several times to see which way I liked best and this is what I settled on. 
There's a little bit o' color under there

Some more of Natalie's saturn beads with my crusties

This is a pair that's in the works. I was totally delighted to see what an NKPbead looked like with one of my criffles. This criffle was an orphan so I need to make another one to finish this pair of earrings.

Same here, just need to make another cobalt criffle.
I'm normally not a blue and orange fan  but I like the looks of this combo.

I'm about at the end of my outdoor shows now. I can't decide whether to set up next Saturday at our farmer's market. It's been getting windy and chilly  but for some inexplicable reason I had my best day there last weekend. I guess I'll keep checking the weather report.

Thanks so much for all of your thoughtful comments last post. I really do love hearing from you all.


  1. Ooh, ooh, ooh really nice. Love these combos. Good stuff coming out the the BIG studio.....xox

  2. delightful one and all! i like the orphan.<3

  3. These are fabulous. So fun too. I keep scrolling down thinking WoW
    and they keep coming and more and more. Really like these.

  4. I love what you are doing... Left over beads finding a home, caps being turned upside down... one never knows what will spark your imagination.
    When I was in school they always told us turn your art up side down. I have done that in some of my paintings... it helps one see something different.
    Love the first earrings are they still for sale ? if so I want them... must check your shop.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. I have got to find time to make jewelry. You are such an inspiration!!

  6. Yum my favorite kind of blog post with lots of eye candy and pretties, these are wonderful, you and Petra make a great duo artistically. xo!

  7. You are so creative and productive, Kim! Beautiful stuff...I had never seen ceramic pieces like these before!

  8. Flippin' heck Kim you are on a roll girl !!.....awesome work ..x

  9. You inspired me to earrings today, and let me add that this is a very difficult task to do.

  10. WOW, what a collection. Your earings are incredible, Kim. These are the most amazing pieces I have seen lately. Love them all, but especially the earings with the saturn beads and your crusties. You are on a roll my dear.


  11. Fabulous bead-cappery, Kim!! I just LOVE the way you've used my ceramics - and that upside downy idea is a stroke of genius!! Glad to have pushed ceramic beads beyond the macrame days!! Loving your glass caps too, and thoroughly enjoying my end of our trade off!!
    xoxoxo :O)

  12. Wow! You're on fire. What a great bunch of earrings. Love the combinations you've put together. Limpets, beads and beadcaps equals fabulous earrings. If this is the result, let's discuss a little more horse trading.... The shrooms for.....? Eh? Eh?

  13. You're outta control, woman. What a lot of great stuff you've come up with. I approve of using bead caps in ways that were not intended. Genius.

  14. I think your blog is very inspiring, i enjoyed reading it. Lets follow each other! I am dreaming of having more followers. I wold really appreciate it xxx



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