Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Postcards du jour

I find that if I have a limited stash of materials in front of me then I get less overwhelmed with the possibilities  of composition. I had a book of reproductions of old Victorian postcards that I wasn't especially fond of that someone had passed along to me and figured that I could cover them with collage.

I  was also given some tattoo like stickers that came with a very decorated box of tequila.
I've given the box away now since it was so nicely decorated I thought it would be wrong to cover it up .
You'll see evidence of some of the stickers on these postcards.
It's funny but some of the paper is from a printmaking class I took back in '91

The grid piece is from that time and matches up nicely with a scrap of the intuitive painting I did this summer at Sparkle Days Studio with Corrine

The painting was so big that she rolled it up in pieces to send to me. 
I like it better in pieces anyway and am having fun collage-ing with it.

The background is some monoprint paper that a friend gifted me when she was offloading old pieces of hers from art school. I pleaded with her not to toss it and send the paper to me instead.
Thanks, Nina.

In my state of less than ideal health yesterday, I cut pieces from old books.
That was after a nap and a cup of coffee. I needed my strength for this endeavor after all.

The last pieces of a vintage Cannabis poster that belonged to my brother in 1968.
I sold some of the rest of it on Etsy. Hmmm, selling cannabis on Etsy... not sure I should be saying that!

My friend Mountain Heather has given me one of her fabric catalogs to cut up for collage.
See lower right.
She's also given me these pieces of fake slate-like fused stone that I'm using for backgrounds for assemblage.
I know it's hard to tell with this scan but the body of the girl is a large shard of an old mirror that I found outside of an old church near the Mexican border. The shell piece was just given to me a couple of weeks ago and I found the embossed copper at a thrift shop. I only need to keep myself in Liquid Nails and Mod Podge as far as supplies go these days. I am totally overrun with supplies I realize and yet they still keep making their way to me somehow. My husband is off in Tucson attending to the tiling job in our new apartment. It seems he's talked the lady at the tile store into giving me a box of scraps of ceramic, porcelain and glass tile. I know I just won't turn it down!


  1. Such fun images and to read about your processes/collecting. Glad you are feeling better, too! -sus

  2. Beautiful collages sweet Kim!! I think I may have to follow your advice and only take out a limited number of material at a time!!Hugs,Cat

  3. lol Kim,
    Love the etsy comment.
    You are really getting busy already.
    I am really trying to downsize my studio.
    If I had more time I could use the items to make art. I mean, its great to have supply but it is sometimes too much for the brain to handle when seeing it all at once.
    Good luck with all your creating.

  4. I understand when you say that sometimes the less supplies you have in front of you the easier the composition. I seem to go off here and there if I am not careful.

    Good use for the postcards you didn't care for.
    Don't you just love when you get the scraps or throw away leftovers.... The tile scraps will come in handy. I see lots of fun stuff being made at the Tucson home.

    Feel better soon.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Enjoying catching up and browsing through all your postcards. Of course I am drawn to the ones with what looks like a procession through Timbuktu. I recognize those amazing big umbrellas that they use in West Africa. Hope you are feeling much better.


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