Tuesday, July 26, 2011

As Promised... What else I've been up to

These are some more of the collages I did on a dismantled vintage file folder box.
Also covered with a netting of tinted cheesecloth secured with self leveling gel medium.
The caption says "Reach for the moon to make dreams come" taken from an old typing book

 I was really just noodling around with images that day... just having fun.
"We look as well as  the way we look at things".
...also taken from a typing book

 Summer revisited us with a very comfortable 80 degrees. ( about 27 C)
I often take breaks from the studio for some outdoor exercise and chores
Been really enjoying the sari silk ribbon in my designing.

These just up on Etsy today

I had meant to take some photos rather than showing scans but then it started to rain.
I did get my photographing kit safely sent to Maine so I can bring it back when we go there.

Revisited an old bead that I had saved for several years. I had been trying to get the effect of seaweed and a tide pool. No one else got it though apparently! I still like it.

Raw Garnet and semi-precious stones.

I had a request to see if I could design some drops. This is what I came up with. I plan on having a day of production to make some more in different colors.
Any suggestions?


  1. Really nice work. It's awesome to have you as a friend.

  2. Like the dapper goat (I think that's what it is) in the top picture.

  3. Love the post~~nice eye candy to end a long day!
    The sari ribbon is beautiful worked in with the necklaces!


  4. looks like noodling is paying off, great work... you are so productive!!

  5. Oh, where to start? Well, first, you are pretty cute mowing the lawn! I'd never be willing to let anyone know I knew how to do that, thank you very much.

    Your latest works are marvelous, as we have come to expect. And I have an announcement to make: I MADE something. It is for a friend's birthday this weekend. Very modest indeed, but made and finished, despite all the reasons I presented to myself about why I COULDN'T complete it. I'll get a photo of it before giving it to her. You might enjoy it.

    I thank you, as always, and appreciate what you share with us about your wonderful self, Kim! ~ ~ LM xoxoxo

  6. Dear Kim, it's been a while since I visited your blog. My goodness you have created so many beautiful things but my fevourite are thecY necklaces. Just fabulous.

  7. Ooh la la new jewels are spectacular. Collages so much your sense of the world, loving the texture of the cheesecloth and old cracked wood varnish. Gives them a vintage look like they are all really old from the 20's. Mowing the lawn eh, you look sooooo thin xox Corrine

  8. Hello Alaska Kim!
    What a lovely visit to your blog... love the collages! and of course love the necklace... we must of been creating chain, bead and silk necklaces about the same day! LOL... what fun!

    Yukon Kim

  9. Glad to see you are doing well! Love your artwork and the "drops"
    The first thing I though of was rain...would be fun to have something that represented rain for me, since I hardly ever get to see it for real!

  10. It is always an inspiration to come here, Kim!

  11. I love the collages! You incorporated some awesome images into them...especially the goat dude. :)

  12. like all your latest bead creations..that is a huge lawn to mow!

  13. I'm way behind on commenting:(
    Beautiful collages and gorgeous necklaces, Kim! You are so multi talented my friend!



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