Monday, October 11, 2010

Will I ever catch up?

I'm wondering if I'll ever catch up with my blogging since our trip back east. It doesn't help that the dial-up I've been complaining about isn't even working since somehow our phone is kaput and between the weekend and holiday it hasn't gotten fixed. Added to that is  a double header of shows in Anchorage ( six hour drive in what are now winter conditions, snow and ice) I need to regroup and repack for that and be ready to have another 10 days away from home. I have lots of my Maine junkin' finds to show you coming up and a head swimming with ideas of how to use them. Until I get back on track I'll leave you with the update on Candace the traveling doll (original post)

Candace - our traveling doll is visiting the wonderful Lorna of  Artymess and I have a few shots of her visit to show  you.

Lorna must be one of the best fiber arts teachers for secondary students.
I wish that I had a teacher like her when I was young.
As you can see Candace was allowed to visit school one day.

Stop by Lorna's blog to see some of the finished projects

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  1. Candace is beautiful with that ...
    this ...
    kind of hat?! :)
    reminiscent of the head ornaments of Carmen Miranda!
    I LOVE!
    she's pretty glasses!


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