Friday, October 1, 2010

Visiting the Folks in Maine

Wonderland~ Acadia National Park ~ Mount Desert Island Maine

Textures of the tidepools

Amazing colors up close

A Crunchy Tapestry

My own arrangement

A view from our camp~ That's Blue Hill
(not this visit though)

We haven't had any sun or anytime to take photos on this trip because we had some end of the summer projects helping the folks close up camp so I've posted some photos from a previous visit.
I'm running out of time here at the internet cafe in Ellsworth so I'll leave you with this salty taste of Maine


  1. Gorgeous photos. Beautiful rocks.

    I posted a video on my art blog along with an update of where I am with the Artistic Mother projects.

  2. gorgeous photos no matter when they were taken, I can smell the salt air!!
    : )

  3. Great shots Kim. Even if they aren't from today. Those rocks are so amazing, I want to spread them all over my yards, and your arrangment is beautiful. I think the weather will improve for you tomorrow! See you Wednesday. xox Corrine

  4. So beautiful! Maine is somewhere I've always wanted to visit! Just lovely!

  5. Great photos. Nice textures and colors.

  6. those rocks are beautiful
    hope to see some myself in Maine next year...

  7. Beautiful photos. I've always wanted to go to Maine day

  8. Gorgeous colours and such peacefull small-scapes.

  9. Auntie! I am glad you got to go to Maine this year (and maybe a little jealous). The pictures are beautiful.

    Miss you!


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