Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Necklaces and Experiments in Photographing Them

After returning from my trip to the Forest Fair, I set about  to make up a goodly inventory of new necklaces. I attacked my stash of beads that have been amassing for years with the intent to use some up. Now that I have the Tucson Gem show nearby in the wintertime there's no reason to hoard them.

 I can think of nothing more fun in designing jewelry than combining my own beads with complementary stones and beads. I made up 10 necklaces in two days. 

The hard part for me is the photographs. I always scan them just for documentation but am less than pleased at the end product even though scanning captures some of the elements quite well. There's a flatness to them and the drape of the pieces can't be shown  There are lighting issues as well with the crescent of light from the scanner light.  I had been using a cream colored fabric background, preferring it to the white back of the scanner but it seems to come out too dark even with a bit of photoshop brightening and lightening. similarly there are lighting problems with bright daylight and I haven't even attempted light box photography. For some reason I  have been putting that off even though I know that is the next step in good photos. I lack confidence in my camera skill and basically would like someone to hold my hand and show me how. These days  creating your art isn't enough. You need to become skilled in every step of marketing which includes good photos. Please let me just make jewelry, OK?!

Now for some comparisons. Feel free to weigh in on your preferences. I need to know which photos might want to make a person WANT one!

Lepidolite and Lampwork necklace.

Against a moose antler.

Close up of the Lepidolite Necklace Pendant against moose antler.
This bead was a perfect match to my nicely tapered lepidolite beads that I got from Zeka Beads when they came to Alaska for the Alaska Bead & Gem Show. I can also find Zeka Beads at the Tucson Gem show too.

Lava and Dyed Bamboo coral necklace with lampwork.

Originally as I was designing this necklace it was without the silver spacers between the beads. I felt it was missing something. The silver spacers brought the whole design up a notch highlighting the vivid black and red together.

Close up of Lava and Coral necklace. This definitely highlights the lampwork  bead more than a scan.

Kyanite Points necklace.

Kyanite points necklace against a moose antler.

Scanned Bali Silver and Freshwater Pearl Necklace.

Bali Silver and Pearl Necklace on the bust.
These lampwork beads have a cloudy ethereal quality that doesn't get highlighted well in photos or scans. They seem to show up best against the colorful rock.

Same necklace against a colorful rock.

And now the antler.


  1. What a creative way to show off your lovely jewelry!

  2. The antler does it for me, but I like natural settings, the beads are so organic it makes sense, but only to me. You have been doing this along time, go with your gut!
    xox Corrine

  3. becuz of where you live and the materials you work with, I think you should use the antler. The colors are soft enough to be a background (the colored stone was too distracting in my opinion) and the speak to YOU!
    The scans might be better if you found a good way to block the light that's creeping in but I'd go for the antler in indirect light from several angles.

  4. Thanks folks, I really do appreciate your input.
    A learning experience in progress here.


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