Sunday, June 9, 2013

Stitches & Ridges

I was inspired by fancifuldevices long skinny wrist wraps/cuff/bracelets.

I have been meaning to get back to my fabric stash and sari trim haul from India. I've been stashing and hoarding bits that have been given to me along the way.
 I was all set to give this to my niece that just graduated from college when I remembered that the salmon skin leather 
  button hole clasp wouldn't be up her alley (she's vegan or do you say, "she's a vegan"?) so I'll make her an all fabric one along the same lines. Meanwhile one of my fellow vendors at my farmer's market wanted to give it to her daughter and wanted to show it on facebook for her approval and immediately another vendor came RUNNING to my booth gasping "Where is it!" The first gal decided to relinquish
it to the other gal knowing that this woman NEVER bought jewelry and it was really meant for her. So don't underestimate the power of facebook even if you are within yards of folks in realtime. It's kind of sadly telling that it was a slow day for sales at the market and any of you that do shows probably realize that when it slows down, vendors start buying from each other.
I'm getting the hang of my ridged press now. I had sort of put it aside as they were coming out al squishy and extruded mostly. Now I have learned how to make the bicones come out more consistently.
Let bicones be bicones, I say!

And they are all the better when they get the crust factor going. 

I think I had a record day for beads made a few days ago.

Here are some orfinks that are up for grabs. Speak up here as I won't be listing them on Etsy. I'll just use them myself because it doesn't matter to me if they aren't matchy. ( there are a couple of matching pairs in the bunch actually.

Limpet bead caps

antifreeze glow
and shiny antifreeze glow.

I did a guest post about headpins over at Love My Art Jewelry Blog a few days ago and there are plenty of other posts you may find interesting over there if you haven't checked it out yet.


  1. Very cool beads!
    Loving the peachy ones

  2. oh my gosh that green is sooooo delicious!! i love those frosties.

  3. Are you still in Bisbee or back up in Alaska ?
    As always love your bead work, your photos are lovely.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. and YOU inspired me to get back to making wraps!

  5. These beads are the best, only YOU would come up with anti-freeze glow, they could be Gatorade glow too, that's what I thought of when I saw them.....xox

  6. Always the master with the glass. Amazing.

  7. hi kim, got mine today, love them! do you still have the 5 shiny orfinks in the upper left of your photo? the ones kinda surrounded by etched, though i'd take the lower left etched spotted one too.

  8. Beautiful colours, especially the green and aqua ones...keep calm and carry on crusting!

  9. I love that bracelet...something really different and original! And the beads are gorgeous...wonderful colors!

  10. I love the color you have going in your wrist wrap. And...the glass--makes me dizzy with desire!

  11. the wrist wrap is definitely a winner, and the crusty beads are oh so beautiful! I hope your northern summer is as nice as ours has been lately....loving the long days of sunshine!

  12. Just found you and crazy for your jewelry and beautiful bead work! I was born in Kodiak and Alaska is my heart! I now live in Arkansas with the one who stole my heart! Newest follower and
    happy to meet another "rustafarian" :)


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