Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Theengs!

I guess I didn't get around to telling you about my trip to a stamp show in New Mexico the weekend after we got back from South America. I tellya, Mr. Coryosity keeps me a hoppin' but I would have never run across this stash of Chairman Mao badges. Oh Mao god! Was I ever excited to see these vintage goodies from the mid sixties. I brokered a nice wholesale deal if I took them all!
I mean how could someone like me resist!

I did promise to let you in on some of the non vintage items I picked up in South America.
Between setting back into being at home this last month, trying to re-stock my NuminosityBeads shop and basically getting ready to head north to our Alaskan home, my blog has been neglected. 

We were in Puerto Montt, Chile when a stomach bug caught up with me. I'm pretty sure it was the picoroco barnacles in my soup. I just didn't feel right after that and had to really take it easy for a few days in what was perhaps the most funky residencia of our whole trip. The people were really sweet though and after I tried to describe in Spanish "hot water bottle" along with some pantomiming I finally got my point across. You would think "agua caliente botella" would get the point across but it wasn't until my husband thought of adding the word for rubber that our hostess finally understood and trotted off after a phone call to the neighbor and reappeared with a very vintage old rubber hot water bottle for me to curl up with while my husband went on an archaeology adventure to one of the oldest known sites in the Americas.
After most of a day without eating I ventured out in the afternoon after my fever had subsided and looked for a restaurant with some simple food. Along the way I found a sweet little artisan area.
One vendor had this salmon skin leather for sale. He was using the surplus waste from the salmon farming operations they have in Chile. Now I'm not a fan of farmed salmon but I really liked what he was doing with the skins. I had seen some for sales years ago by an outfit in Alaska with wild salmon but I think they went out of business. I'm thinking there may be some great possibilities for it in my work. 
I also picked up a little knit pair of half mittens which I didn't realize were actually going to come in handy for our further southern travels in Patagonia.

I was really holding back on my purchasing in the beginning knowing that we were going to be only traveling with one carry-on size bag each but when I saw these at a market in Bariloche, hand painted and made of paper mache I just had to give the sweet young gal my money.

She also made these magnets which I thought might be good components with a hole drilled in them. 
At 2 for a buck, why not?

I thought these might be pretty cool to cannibalize and use in some pieces too.

This is the bag my honey bought for me from the beautiful Guarani Indian man named Julio in the last post.

Buenos Aires had a great Sunday market on our last day there.
I like the way they captured the bubbles in the fused glass.
Also can be used as components...or gifts.


Now I can't bear to take this those knots are super tight.
The artist hand cuts the leather and rolls it herself.

Look how they've got the crackle and the crusty together. Nice, eh?

Well you probably know that I didn't get these in South America.
Petra's beadcaps and some oober headpins. I still had a goodly stash waiting  for some action so that's just what I did.

These were made with some brass spiral earrings that I picked up at a garage sale. New earwires of course! Petra's drops again.

Let's mix a little WondrousStrange in here. Problem is once I start adding my glass to things they can get a bit heavy. Just about too heavy for me. Need to do some lobe strengthening I guess.

I added a little gilder's paste to these ScorchedEarth components

Made these with some beads I had from way back and mixed them with some new cobalt headpins

Oh and you want to see something from the fine artist in the family?
This is what my brother Daniel Rogers paints while he lives in Bali.

And he paints scenes from Maine in Bali too. I'm pretty sure this is going to end up on my wall.


  1. Oh good new work my friend. Goodies, yes that bracelet I would not dare to break apart, can't you just wear it? You didn't tell me there were little barnacles in some soup - no wonder you got stomach revenge, gosh knows how long they sat in the sun before you et them? xox

  2. another exciting adventure under your belt, which after being so sick must need some new holes poked in it. how awful to be so sick while out adventuring. such wonderful new treasures you've found along the way. salmon skins? who knew! your new earrings are fab, as always. so let me get this straight....everyone related to you has major talent? it sure seems to be the case. thank you for another fantastic peak into your whirlwind life.

  3. You do have the adventures, Kim! I remember reading on FB when you were sick, and feeling so bad for you...glad it passed and you were able to enjoy your trip! Your finds and creations are wonderful, as always!

  4. Gosh, it was fun to catch up with more of your adventures, Kim. Those glass-air-bubble beauties are knock-out!
    best wishes, sus

  5. i love those colourful fabric beads!
    love love love! and i love your new earrings.

    ps. i always miss out on getting some of your headpins :(

  6. Thank you for letting us follow you on this inspiring journey!

  7. Hi Kim! Oo I LOVE the bracelet and those knitted beads!

  8. I never told you how fabulous your Ukranian artifact piece,the orange & turquoise earrings & the 'muted' turq pod with shell pieces were, also how jealous I was of you rumaging around such wonderful markets in the last last post, as I read, drooled then forgot to email. Now I can comment!(I hope ;) Lovely finds here too, specially the papiermache & the guilders paste earrings.

  9. Something wacky is going on with blogger. It showed me you had a new post, but when I clicked on it, I got the "this page blah blah..." so I clicked on your banner and managed to get here. Weird.

    What a great trip you had! Except for the yucky stomach part. Oh man, I do love those paper mache pieces. What great designs! And your new bracelet find is calling me. ;)

    I love to up-cycle old earrings and your pair is perfect! What a talented family! Those are great paintings.

  10. so much eye candy! love your new work, and now that you're back yr proly glad you got all the things you did, hu? little treasures to remember those people and places by. (im telling you its not easy to understand someone not proficient in your language. she proly thought you wanted a regular bottle full of hot water and didn't get what the rest of the pantomime was about. hubs is clever to have added 'rubber'.)


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