Thursday, January 3, 2013

Getting Grounded into the New Year...Hopefully!

Hatch chiles and me in New Mexico

Merry Ristras!

You know me and my utility covers!

I needed a warning that I might run my ass off during the holidays.
What a whirl it's been.

I got to meet some cool artist types that I admire.
Check out Elizabeth Frank's amazing painted carvings/assemblage pieces with a distinctly southwest flair.
She has an Etsy shop too.
We're looking forward to some play time together one day.

And I got to meet this lovely lady too at her home in Santa Fe.
Yes, chiles were involved as we were treated to a wonderful meal including Bloody Mary's at my request.
You may already know her as Darlicious Rejuvenations  or Darlene of DarliciousHouse on Etsy

I have a heck of a time keeping up with this partner and I'm a little tuckered out with the running and playing we've been doing.
(I've got my son visiting with his new camera and he was trying out some action shots)
I thought this one was wonderfully ridiculous and I'm not jumping very high...notice the hot pack around my neck...kind of lame, literally.

Then we tried some with my camera, that's the most action I could manage but at least I don't look quite so stressed from concentration in this one.

No, this isn't Alaska... this is effin' southern Arizona!
...and it still hasn't totally melted yet.

That there is supposed to be out view of Mexico.
I instagramed it to make it look like someone's nostalgic childhood memory.

Now for the good stuff... I have been utilizing the wonderful Petra's ceramic bits as I have somehow managed to carve out a few hours of time between the visiting and the visitors and too much funnedness of the holidays or else I may go cray-cray.
Those are her elephant skin beads peaking out from under my  torch fired enamel bits.

You prob can't tell but those are some itty bitty headpinny bits of mine. 
lemme know if they are up your alley and I can make some more sets.

So these got me excited... I was actually trying to make them into orbby blobbly lucious fruit-hanging bits  butthe glass started to get away from me and I smashed it down and now they are smashed sideways all button like and I must say I rather like them and they have a multicolored sheen from the Bella Donna frits I've been experimenting with.

Oh, and swoon on this new color for me appropriately called "ghee" with some extra frit sheen

This glass is called peaches and cream and with a little raku frit They serve up quite nicely.

Petra's dangles and coral and acoupla transparent beadcaps.
All they need is some earwires now.
I got the coral in my stocking. See not coal, coRal.
We went to this great hot springs before Christmas because I thought it apropros to have our end of the world celebration in a place called Truth or Consequences. 
what a great soak and stay we had at La Paloma Hot Springs and Spa
I would recommend it highly.
Oh, I kind of wandered there. I saw the coral beads in a little shop in that town and requested them as a stocking stuffer.

These still need some wires as you can see

Dichro sparklies

Bella Donna sheen action

We're staring off shiny this year as you can see.

High-grading my own supplies again. 

NKP beads and some vintage bits

More Petra-iffic components

More NKP beads with my criffles

I finished this one earring, one more to go.

After this we have more visitors (family) and a few days trip to Mexico and then to Maine after that so if I don't get much posted send me calming, peaceful grounded thought and wishes.
My super fun retired life is about to wear me out and I could use a few of those solitary summer days in Alaska again.

I almost forgot to share my new resolution to do more journaling and I collaged 4 pages already.
I think this reflects how busy I've been feeling.

I chose the word "seed" as a journal prompt for the year.

This was a two page spread in silver and gold

Happy New Year to you all!


  1. oh my, one has been busy! love the collage. i put a ton of ephemera in the mail for you today. hope you enjoy!

  2. Your life is sounding fun, busy, and creative, Kim! You always make me smile! Happy new year!

    1. Thanks, Linda.
      I didn't know if I was ever going to get time to put up a blog again. I'm trying to learn to pace myself.

  3. No kidding. Looks to me like you've been *very* busy. I like those Dichro sparklies. Pretty!

    And BTW: You keep that snow, mmmkay??

    1. Nah, I don't want the snow either! it's finally warming up bit by bit here. I have only a limited amount of that dichro that doesn't mix with any of my other glass and I can't heat them too well or the sparkly totally cooks out, henc ethe kind of tree shape to them.

  4. Well I must say the snow just started, did you bring it ? We will have some winter for a few weeks them lovely spring !
    You do get colder weather than we do in Tucson. That photo does look cold.
    Only snow on the mountains here but sunny in the valley. It does warm up and the sun shines so I can live with our winter snow.
    Hope your neck gets better soon.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. There's still snow on the north sides of the hills and getting down way below freezing at night here. Would you believe I've been wearing my long johns for 3 days now!
      We're gonna head south to Bahia Kino and try to soak up a little warmth next week.
      My neck is fine now, I think the cold and damp was getting to me.

  5. Lots happening with you as usual. Love the new work and hlad to see you got some paper time!!!! Cory cracks me up. Gotta tie that boy down! Still can't believe you got that much snow and it's still there. 10 this morning, beachie weather don't you think? xox

    1. It's barely getting warm again here, been living in double layers this week. keeping up with Cory keeps me warmer tho.!

  6. Good lord~~I'm worn out by all you've accomplished!!!
    Have to admit I spewed coffee on the keyboard when I read the text under the partial cow road sign....omg! My morning laugh!!!
    Love the things you're creating...lovely, beautiful and the collages are intense and draw the eye in.
    Should I be so motivated and creative in just part of this new year...


    1. Tell me about it, I'm a bit worn out myself!
      That partial cow kind of looked like a chicken pooping to me from a distance.
      Good luck on the stepping back from the fb, you may get lots done!

  7. ass off awesome. Liking the new stuff much much.

    1. Thanks you so much, I'm like you though and the ideas surpass the actuality of employing them at times but we both seem to accomplish a bit in the end, I't all you can do.

  8. What a great post to catch us up on your busy days! Loved the pictures of you, although I hope the neck is feeling better. AND nice to see the snow in other parts of the world, although I hope it melts soon if you prefer it that way. WOW all your new jewelry and glass work looks amazing! and I love your collages!

    1. Thanks, Kim
      It's downright wintry here this week and I'm glad I brought some long johns with me!

  9. I've been combining petra-bits with numinosities quite a lot lately myself, they seem made for each other. But those elephant hide and enamel theengs are GORGEOUS.
    Be careful, retirement can definitely be dangerous...
    and welcome back to the lower 48.

    1. Thanks, Janet
      Yes, I agree the petra-bits and numi-bits are very happy together.
      I think it's my go go go husband that's a bit dangerous too...but I'm not really complaining , just a small mew of a whine now and again as long as I get my studio time which I won't do unless I feel all rested and recovered from party time.

  10. Thoroughly enjoyed this post! So much fun and your new creatings are wonderful. The new squashed headpins will open up so many new design possibilities. Keep warm.

    1. Yes, I haven't even tried them out yet but I just love the way they look!
      we're going to hit the road south in a few days and hopefully catch some warmer weather.

  11. Wow you've been busy, those photos are a joy and I see the snow followed you. See you were missed! Hope you have an amazing 2013 x

    1. Yeah, crazy snow, I've had my fill although it was beautiful and our Alaskan adult kids reveled in it because it was good snowball snow, something that was a rarity in Alaska being such a dry place where we lived.
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  12. Your work never ceases to inspire! The coral earrings are especially sweet.

  13. Happy happy New Year Kim. Love all the delicious glass thingies and the collages are a treat.

  14. Happy New Year, Kim! Great post. Love the photos, earrings, and collage stuff. All of it:) Will you be in Bisbee again after Mexico/ before Maine?

  15. Hmmm, I made a comment and it seem to have vanished. Don't know what I did. Anyway, Happy New Year, Kim. Great post, love it all:) I want a pair of your earrings:) Would love to see you too. Will you be in Bisbee after Mexico and before Maine?


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