Friday, May 11, 2012

Back to the Alaskan Garaj Mahal Studio

I had some nails waiting for me in my studio when I returned north.
My friend Mountain Heather that makes simply wonderful hats had asked me last year when she was in the Adirondacks whether I thought that I could use some old barn nails that she had found.
This was before I had thought of lampworking onto rusty  nails. I knew that I would be able to use them for something so  how nice it was to return to this stash of antique nails  to use. I had brought a few of my feeler gap gauges back home too.

Then there was a hardware store in our little town that had been closed since the pipeline days in the 70's. The were having a sellout sale at half price 70's prices. They were Alaskan prices mind you  which were quite high in comparison to stateside prices but still quite a good deal. So when I found a case of the cut nails that I was about to buy in a regular hardware store I knew I had clear the shelves of whatever they had. So these are truly vintage nails although they were brand new out of the box.

I got my new ridgy press to play with and definitely experimenting with going outside the press.
This one came out lopsided so I decided to pierce the more bulbous edge and quite liked the effect.

More edgy ridgies....the tootsie roll pop effect

It's a great big crusty whorl

Criffle crazy~ blue ink color

"Cirrus" color from two different lots of the same kind of glass.
You can see that two of the strike opaque and the other three are semi opaque .
Funny glass....and funny scan too

I think this color is called "kryptonite"

"Fremen" with frit and soda technique

New colors! I got a shipment in today. so exciting to try out some new ones.
Back when I first started making beads in the late 90's the palette available was much more limited.
They're coming out with so many new odd colors with a much more organic look that I prefer. 
Clockwise from the top
Blueberry Shake
Mint Lozenge
I'll have to get back to you on the next one ...I forget
and in the middle the pale ones are Strawberry Shake and 
Orange  Flint.
They change colors in the flame with the addition of the *frit and the baking soda.
The pure colors can come out quite different.

                                                 * Frit is crushed glass and the kind I use is called reduction frit which has metallic oxides in it that can change the way a glass looks.
a couple more ridgy guys

It still may be a bit before I list these, the weather hasn't been cooperating lately with some fierce winds. I need to get my photography setup figured out now at this place. I had finally found the most ideal set-up for good photos down in Arizona so bear with me please.
Feel free to contact me if you care to put anything on reserve before it hits my Etsy shop.
I'm more than happy to oblige.


  1. Nice beads Kim. Have a great market season!

  2. omg....these are just EXQUISITE! I love the nails being incorporated into the beads---the glass against metal; it just works so well.
    And the colors~~YUM.
    I find really beautiful glass work amazing, and yours, my friend, is REALLY BEAUTIFUL!
    Drooling here.....


  3. I just love that crusty whorl, and your wonderful criffles! The colors and textures are fantastic!

  4. lovely as always. can i purchase the cirrus ones? hmmm. let me know. :)

  5. all of it is wonderful Kim...keep on keepin on...xxxxc

  6. Welcome back to Alaska, Kim! Great colors you are turning out. - sus

  7. At a bead show near Seattle recently I saw some lamp work on old skeleton keys. It reminded me of your work.

  8. Oh it looks like you are having such fun ! I love the cirrus" cloud ones. Beautiful !

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Love the criffles!!! So cool! Love the shop name too. :-D

    Shooting you an email.

  10. Love your crusty criffles. Nice colors too.

  11. Omy Gosh I looove crusty circles and nail pieces... I love them all!!!Big Hugs,Cat

  12. Wow, you've been wonderfully busy! Love all of your new beads. Gorgeous colors on the whorls and criffies. And lots of new studniks! Eye candy galore!

  13. The Garaj Mahal .... lol ..It took a few seconds for that to register. Love your blue ink crusty whorls ... yum!


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