Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What I've Been Missing~ Collage and Mail Art

I've been on a very rewarding roll since I returned from our winter India trip.
Lot's of energy and inspiration and a new group of creative designers that I've met through the blogs.
I've kind of missed messing with paper though and since I'm winding up my glass studio in the next week in preparation for the move back north I promised myself some glue time.

I've been saving envelopes for this purpose

I've been hoarding all manner of papers~ saving the best vintage stuff for some real pieces of art  later on down the line.

I would like to extend a sale to all of you wonderful followers and friends that visit my blog.
I'll have an Esty Sale for my new *Criffles* for 20% off till Friday, April 20  
and the first one to order will get them delivered in the envelope above.
Coupon code is   CRIFFMONKEY

Then I'll probably have to take a bit of hiatus in beadmaking until I get settled in up north.
I've got a show within the first week 6 hours from our place down in Anchorage
The Alaska Bead & Gem Show

But lately this is what I also have been up to.
They flashed through the shop so fast you may have missed them.
don't worry I'll be making more today


"Zen Scissor"
hasn't been posted yet.
still attached to it myself.


  1. Oh man, I love you "Zen Scissor"

  2. Zen scissor......brilliant!!

  3. Kim, you are a wonder of creativity. You just are. HEY! I sold my October Blizzard painting to one of my blogging friends from far away! I am so excited. You probably felt something of what I feel when you began to sell your own art, no? Long time ago, I know.

    Anyway, I love the nail critters. They look like loveable aliens to me. The zen scissor is ... how shall I put this? Zenly insane. A little off. Oh. Right. Perfect. THAT is the word.

  4. Love "Dosnails" and love gluing too!

    "Zen Scissor" is just funny & AWESOME! Great stuff! Exclamation Mark.

  5. the metal and glass combinations you are doing are really brilliant.
    funny what you say about making collage art and missing it working with the old paper etc - i was thinking the same thing myself when i sent those bits and pieces - damn i miss working with paper and i think i've forgotten how to draw - and it leads to another thought about not photographing and developing film and i end up wondering what the hell am i doing with my time....

  6. Brillant ...I love everything you do...!!!! exclamation point!

  7. spudnix is drool worthy....so very cool exclamation point.

  8. I can see why you would hang on to "zen scissor" - awesome! Your beads are like no others - I love their organic look. Busy with the glue much? That is a whole lot of output!

  9. ack ! so clever I love Gosnails and Studnik. Wonderful.

    cheers, parsnip

  10. Oh I love "zen scissor", it's just so awesome, that would be a keeper for me too. The nail babies are splendid, so creative! Seeing your paper work makes me what to get back to it also, such fun! Have a safe trip back north!
    Exclamation marks!!

  11. Yummy envelopes of collage goodness, glad to see you back in paper mode. I am lovin studnik! Oh your humor. xox


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