Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Marriage of Decoupage and Jewelry~ Ephemearrings

Well, it had to happen. The mixing of decoupage and my jewelry design. I'm sure it's been done a million different ways by other folks but this is what I was playing around with the other day. I've been so delighted with my disc cutter and my dapper... feeling kind of dapper about it.
These are the first tries and some good lessons were learned in the process.

I learned about letting the sealer dry before varnishing the other side on this.
I really didn't want that kind of shabby look.
Also my discs are unevenly cut. 
This makes them prototypical and probably a present for some
slightly un-picky friend type person

t'other side, see they're reversible!

Interior cutout from decoupaged tin disc
Spell check never likes this word
How about decoupage-ed?

Side B

Hey you woodchucks!

Side B of woodchucks
 taken from vintage children's book

Centers of course!

Now you're getting it!

 Another trial and error and somewhat of a fix.
Trying to see what my Metal Finishes magic stuff I bought last year would do.
Patina spray makes a greyish finish on the galvanized tin.
Then I painted the copper paint and sprayed it again.
I was pretty happy with it until I though I could seal it with some
varnish which gave it a forever sticky finish so I sanded most of it off.
Next time I'll leave it as is without the varnish.
Some more of my lampwork head pins  fastened to brass domes

Dangles anyone?
More Numinista head pins.
Did I tell you I'm selling head pins now in my Etsy Shop
more coming, I'll give first peek here and you guys can grab them hot off the press.
OK,  so I do have to let them cool....

I have more made up but I've run out of my preferred Vintaj or Trinity earwires
I've got a stash back in Alaska so since I'm taking them with me, they're gonna have to wait.


  1. These are awesome Kim! And in case you're wondering, I've become more of a necklace wearer than and earring wearer ;)

    Love you!

  2. those decoupaged earrings are wonderful! i wouldn't have noticed the unevenly cut disks. the prints had my attention!

  3. Congratulations on the marriage of Decoupage and Jewellery...they seem like they will be a perfect match..looking forward to hearing the dingle dangle of tiny disclets...xx

  4. you are so prolific an these are just wonderful!!

  5. These are spectacular. Trial and error my foot, you craft goddess you! You need to get new tools more often, you are inspired! xox Corrine


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